Nordic country tours Reykjavik edition
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Hello, Iceland! I am excited to meet you!
OK, I've posted two of these already so I'm running out of creative ways to do this. I'll be in Reykjavik from Nov. 4-Nov. 7 closing out my trip and would like to meet people. Last minute and all, so won't be said if a meet up doesn't come together, but can take individual request if everyone wants to hang.
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I'm up for whatevs.
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I am as well! Unfortunately, I don't know how much help I will be picking a venue =/.

Crap, I also just realized, by available, it should be more like Nov. 4-6th, since I will be leaving on the 7th.
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Well, picking a venue won't be too hard, it depends on what kind of place you feel like going to and what time of day (or night).
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Evening would probably be best since my plans are still up in the air and my flight is leaving in about 6 hours. Any regular bar would work for me, then we could play it by ear from there? I'm staying at KEX Hostel, so I don't if that makes much of a difference in getting around to places.
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That makes things easy, as it's fairly central. How about meeting at Vitabar. It's quiet, it's got decent beer and if you're hungry (and a meateater) their burgers are among the best in town (I don't eat red meat). It's close by Kex. How does 8:30 on the 4th sound?
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Sounds great. I'm about to run out to the airport now, so I'll try to set it to definite when I can.
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Either my fingers are too sausagey for this iPhone or URL does not like Icelandic addresses. Ha. I'll try and make this official again later but for anyone else that wants to show up: it's happening! At 8:30pm on the 4th of November! @ Vitabar!
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Oh God. Due to packing malfunction I am going to freeze my ass off in Reykjavik. But I am determined to ride a damn Viking horse in my trench coat like a Western badass.
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Friday is looking best, weather-wise. I have maneuvered myself into a work-crunch ridiculousness, but I'll be at Vitabar tomorrow, I just might be a bit tired. A beer will do me much good.
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No worries. Just got to the hostel myself and Iceland is blowing my miiiinnnd.
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Yay! That was fun.
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