Meetup in Hong Kong!
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I'll be in Hong Kong from Oct 15~22nd, and I'd like to meet up with some MeFites if possible!
Currently I'm in HK, but will be traveling around Korea/Taiwan and will be back in town from the 15th to the 22nd. In between those dates I will have a day trip to Macau that I'll find out exactly when I'm going, but either way I have like 4-5 free days. I'll post exactly when my free days are when I find out.

I'm on Kowloon side, but won't mind going into the city. Been to HK many, many times but always with , would like to meet new friends if possible!
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I think I'll be in HK soon, but not the second week of November or thereabouts. Rats.
posted by zachlipton at 6:17 PM on October 4, 2011

In UK until 14th, then back in Shekou. Can possibly make a weekend meet up but not mid-week alas.
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In HK Oct 31 - November 13 if that works for anyone?
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I should be around weekends and can catch the ferry over.
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I'll be in Macau until the 18th. Basically means I'm free from 19-22nd, if anyone is free to meet up. I just got a pre-paid SIM so it'll be easier for me to get around. :)
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