Trivia: Revenge of the Jalapeño Poppers
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Thu October 6 at 7:00 PM, Maple Leaf Pub
514 Elgin St, Houston, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
It's amazing what a little Press will do to your favorite trivia night. (The alt-weekly named the Maple Leaf the best place to spend a Thursday night.) Last time was very crowded and very noisy, to the point of spending the audio round outside on the patio so that the questions could be heard. Despite that, "Gordon Ramsay Sex Dwarf" tied for 4th. So, we're on for Thursday, eh? Meet at 7 for yummy, yummy steak; trivia's at 8.
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I'm confused, are we proposing both Tuesday and Thursday this week?
posted by Runes at 8:44 AM on October 2, 2011

No, Thursday this week, Tuesday in two weeks.
posted by Gridlock Joe at 12:53 PM on October 2, 2011

Eek, I might have to sit this out because I need my Thursday night this week. But in a couple weeks, on the 20th I would do some trivia - and I may potentially have the opportunity to import us a katemonster, who is a trivia champ, as you will recall.
posted by jph at 2:15 PM on October 3, 2011

We'll be there.
posted by Runes at 5:54 PM on October 5, 2011

Or possibly not, it turns out. Dang.
posted by Runes at 6:13 PM on October 5, 2011

Guys, I'm not gonna be able to make it. As much as I'd like to raise several glasses to Steve Jobs, the fact that I'm on very strong narcotics for my (again) busted shoulder makes that unlikely. Good luck and have fun! AND WIN WIN WIN! :-)
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Even though I'm not gonna be there, here's a heads-up, via the GWD e-mail, on some of the categories to expect tonight:

Celebrity Deaths in Not Quite Threes
Conspicuous Lesbians
Frogs and the French
Genre Rock
Recently In Stuff

Good luck and have fun! :-)
posted by PapaLobo at 7:10 AM on October 6, 2011

Thanks for the tips!
posted by Gridlock Joe at 8:55 AM on October 6, 2011

And from their Twitter: Tonight's R1 is called "Sometimes Birds Have Two Meanings."
posted by Gridlock Joe at 9:38 AM on October 6, 2011

We ("Kneel Before Zod Except After C") started off strong and were tied for third after three rounds, but a couple of movie rounds in a row put us in a tight spot we never recovered from. The people who were in the bar for hockey weren't any help either. We wound up in an embarrassing 13th place. Better luck next time!
posted by Gridlock Joe at 7:01 AM on October 7, 2011

Now that hockey season is on again ... well, this makes the alternate venue in EaDo look perhaps more attractive? Great team name y'all :-)
posted by PapaLobo at 7:59 AM on October 7, 2011

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