New Orleans in October?
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Sat October 8 at 6:00 PM, Coop's Place
1109 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA, USA (Map & Directions)
New Orleans meetup on Saturday, October 8, 6 pm, Coop's Place
ASIS&T is in New Orleans this year, which means I'll be there, as might other MeFites. And of course the MeFites already in New Orleans. I'll be carless, so somewhere reachable by public transport or within walking distance of the conference venue would be good.
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I will not be able to attend because I'll be marching/dancing in the FestiGals Parade that day. Y'all should check it out and give a 'heyyyyy' to Roux La La!
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It doesn't necessarily have to be Saturday night, Sunday evening is also a possibility.
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I'll probably be attending ASIS&T at least one day, and am also a local MeFite. I'm down and can suggest venues, etc. Sunday evening doesn't work (reception), but Saturday night or Sunday mid-day/early evening would.
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My own preference is for Saturday night, as I will be attending some of the sessions on Sunday afternoon.

What are some possible venues? I will be dragging another MeFite along, who could use some tourist tips :)
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Well, there's always some really good restaurants/bars in New Orleans. What's your price range?

The Green Goddess is wonderful, but small:
Luke is very nice, German-inspired:
Cochon is also very nice, kind of an upscale Cajun:
If you want brunch, there's Cafe Adelaide:
Or spend less for your brunch at the newly-opened Ruby Slipper:

Be sure to check out the menus.
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Sorry about the links. I do suggest Sunday brunch, though. It's kind of a New Orleans tradition.
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Okay, how about Saturday night then since Sunday is a little uncertain? Dinner and/or drinks in the French Quarter?

If people are feeling an earlier time slot, there's a fantastic 3-6pm 1/2 off pizza and wine at Domenica's, which is in the CBD but walking distance from the conference hotel (just a few blocks).

If later and in the FQ, I really like going to Molly's on Decatur for drinks.
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No reason why we can't have a meetup on Saturday night and then a dead dog brunch on Sunday, for those who are up for it.

On Saturday night we're inclined towards going somewhere with food as well as drinks, and where the ambient noise is accommodating of a table full of people conversing. Beyond that, we're willing to put ourselves in care of the locals; show us your best!

(And oh yeah I'm research monkey's +1)
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I'm a local, but I do more drinking than dining in the French Quarter, so I'm sort of limited on ideas for Saturday night. But here are some I've been kicking around: Coops Place or Angeli's are both on Decatur, and near some totally decent bars towards that end (Molly's and Pravda).

Coops has a lot of good cajun and creole dishes. My favorite jambalaya is the city is there. Also very good fried chicken, and totally acceptable red beans and rice. It's a small place that gets crowded and nutty sometimes on the weekends, so if we have a headcount of 4 or less we'll probably be fine. I take a lot of out of town visitors there who want to get some kind of Louisiana food experience that's not overpriced/on Bourbon, and everyone's always enjoyed it.

Otherwise, I haven't been to Angeli's in a couple years, but I remember they had fine pizza. More tables than Coops.

You'll be able to get Abita in both places.

Research Monkey, do you want to make it an official event, and pick the time and place?

Re: Sunday brunch... I've not yet been to the new Ruby Slipper location downtown (it looks like it's on the either side of Canal, just a few blocks from the Quarter), but their mid-city location makes BOMB ASS bloody mary's. That might be a good place for Sunday brunch.

But please, no Court of Two Sisters for Sunday brunch. Most overrated ever.
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How about 6 pm at Coops Place, as it looks like the headcount will be small?
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I'm there!
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Also, research monkey, check your MeFi mail
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