Hunterian Museum; Towards a Scientific Model of Disability
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Sat September 24 at 11:00 AM, Penderel's Oak
286-288 High Holborn, Camden Town, Greater London WC1V 7, UK (Map & Directions)
Hey, Metafilter! Are you in or around London? Do you like looking at things preserved in jars? Have I got a meetup for you...
The Hunterian Museum is a fascinating museum at the Royal College of Surgeons with a huge ton of anatomical specimens. Even if you've already been there, there's something new to see - an exhibition just opened, Abnormal: Towards a Scientific Model of Disability.

The museum is open from 10 to 5. It's not huge, but there is a lot to look at. Admission is free; suggested donation 3. It's close to the Holborn tube station on the Central & Piccadilly lines.

Let's meet at the Penderel's Oak pub at 11 for drinks and lunch, and head on to the museum after, and afterwards heading to The Lamb.
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That Abnormal artwork/exhibition looks pretty interesting. I might be able to do the 24th, will see ....
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I'm interested and free that day.
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Hey! That's the day I'm coming to London!

Not going to be able to make this one, but we should make a meetup for sometime when I'm there (I'll be there for about 3 weeks). ...I'll probably propose one soon.
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That sounds great. I'd be up for that.

Could I suggest as a late morning meetup place the Wetherspoon on High Holborn, Penderel's Oak? Yes, I know Wetherspoons suck for a serious drinking session, but as a pre-museum gathering point it's easy to find - midway between Holborn and Chancery Lane stations - and those of us who want to could get there early and have breakfast. As it's not a business day, it's likely to be quiet on a Saturday morning.

After the museum, if you've never been to it, The Lamb in Lamb's Conduit Street (about a10-minute walk away) is the most fantastic Young's pub. 100 yards away is The Perseverence, a free house. We will also be in the vicinity of a truly awesome fish and chip shop on Theobald's Road.
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Looks interesting. Might be around.
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I'd be up for it, too. Looks fascinating!

I was going to suggest the Lamb as post-exhibition venue, too – it's really terrific. Another contender for the initial meetup venue is the fabulous Princess Louise on High Holborn, but it doesn't open until 11am – and it doesn't start serving food til 12. Might that make kickoff a bit later than you'd envisaged?
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This intrigues me, the 24th would work fine.
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Hmmm.... I'll be in the UK for a few weeks but 24th I'm in Manchester. I'll keep an eye on the thread and see how dates line up.
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I'll be in London then, and would love to come.
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Could be interesting, I'm free that day so far.
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Agh, for some reason I can't confirm the event; no matter what address I put in the map won't work.

But the 24th seems to work for a goodly number of people, and phunniemee, I'll keep an eye out for the meetup you propose as well.

Let's meet at the Penderel's Oak pub at 11 for drinks and lunch, and head on to the museum after, and afterwards heading to The Lamb.
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Things preserved in jars? I think I'll be there. Saturday works quite well for me.
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OK, confirminated! Looking forward to seeing you guys there. The last meetup I attended, at the British Library, was a blast, and I see some new names so I can't wait to meet you all.

Also bringing my +1, espanolbot (who got an account after the last meetup, but doesn't really post).
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Blargh. I'm afraid I can't make it after all – I've been offered a ticket to the Arsenal v Bolton Wanderers game, so I've got to go and hold Arsenal's hand (metaphorically, you understand) as they take on Bolton Wanderers. Poor Old Arsenal (TM) need all the support they can get, even mine. Really sorry to miss you all, but have fun, everyone! See you next time.
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I mentioned this to a biology teacher friend of mine and she's coming along now too.
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I'm not free this Saturday which is a damn shame as this looks awesome. Phunniemee, get on and organise another Londontown meetup :)
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I've just moved to London and I'd like to come too.
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This sounds fabulous but unfortunately I'll be out of town. Have a great time! I hope to be able to participate in another meetup soon.
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iamnotateenagegirl, you should most definitely come.

I will be late-ish as this clashes with the NZ-France rugby world cup game, but I should be at the pub by 12 or so. If you're not there I will assume that you all hate me and are hiding from me see you at the museum.
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now that I have more flatshare viewings (sigh... if anyone knows of a good flatshare for a late 20s librarian/writer and now student for less than £500 a month, please send me a message), I probably can't come this time. I'll have to make the 10th of October, but this is a really interesting sounding outing. Perhaps I'll head down to the Hunterian after my viewings, which are in North London anyway, and just try to identify the group?
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I'm sure we won't be hard to miss :)

SO & I are just about to head to the train station. We'll try and nab a table in a highly visible area, so keep an eye out for a portly redheaded American and her tall brown-haired companion.
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I'm still on a long bus ride - if I miss you at pub, I'll catch you at museum...
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This was an excellent meetup, although I did accost several random strangers who weren't from the internet before I found Gordafarin and her consort. It was lovely to meet everyone, including four new people - yay! I'm assuming it's still going on at The Lamb, but due to lack of sleep the night before and a long run scheduled for tomorrow morning, I cut it short.

But lunch was grand and the museum was aweosme!. I'm glad we did it in that order, I'm not sure how hungry I'd have been after seeing all those bits of critters and people in jars, particularly the jars that had whole critters in them. I have no idea how honey-barbara and Spagettification could sit through that brain surgery video either.
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I'm sorry I missed it - on the other hand I may have found somewhere to live! Hope to make the one on the 10th.
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That was a great initiation into Mefi Meetups. Thanks Gordafarin for organising fun times! Spagettification n I ended up watching 4 operations but agreed that brain one was the most brilliant.
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