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Wed September 21 at 8:00 PM, The Corner Hotel
57 Swan St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia (Map & Directions)
There's been a couple of suggestions of checking out other pub trivia competitions around Melbourne.
What do we all think about The Limerick Castle in North Melbourne on Wednesday 21st September?
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emd3737 has suggested The Lord Newry on Thursday the 22nd. I *think* that is hosted by Mark Sparks, who is awesome & I highly recommend his trivia nights.
Unfortunately, Thursdays are totally off the table for me again as of this week.

Hopefully someone will pop in with some further info on the Limerick Castle, which I know nothing about. I may even have the name of the pub wrong. And possibly the suburb.
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You don't mean the Edinburgh Castle in Brunswick, do you? It has trivia on Wednesdays. I don't know what the trivia nights are like, but the food tends to be good and they have a variety of beers on tap.
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Goshling: The Limerick Castle is where we went for beers the other Friday. Can't say I was a huge fan of the place.
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The recommendation for The Limerick Castle trivia came from Hamish. I know that's where we were at the other week, which is why I was hoping someone could confirm that we were talking the same pub, cos guessing from the decor and the dudes in the front bar, I'd imagine pub trivia there would consist of stuff like "What were the scores at the end of the third quarter of the 1952 AFL grand final".
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Well, of course there was no 1952 AFL grand final - quite the trap you laid there goshling. In the VFL, the defending premiers Geelong led 11-6-72 to Collingwood's rather poor 5-3-33 at three quarter time.

...though I suspect the blatant abuse of google might be frowned upon rather emphatically at that pub.

I'm not helping, am I?

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pompomtom - the Limerick is apparently "different" for the wednesday night trivia. I'm assuming more North Melbourne geeks/hipsters and less panelbeaters (not that there's anything wrong with panelbeaters, or geeks, or hipsters). Hamish's geek housemate Jarod and his mates do the wednesday trivia there most weeks and seem to like it.
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North Melbourne geeks

The worst, I tell you. The absolute worst.
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Thursday nights are not so good, next Wednesday probably ok if that's what we end up doing.
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I missed tonight but am up for next week if we ever decide on a place!
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ARGH. Dumbass conference next week, may not be able to do the 21st.
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Well the 2 top choices seem to be

1. The Corner Hotel, Richmond

2. The Limerick Castle, North Melbourne

So, let's a vote or a punch up or a raffle or something & pick one.
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the corner is walking distance for me, so I like that one...but am happy to travel. I'm in for next week where-ever we decide.
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I don't know what time things start at the Limerick. The guy who recommended it to me is out of town for a couple of weeks, so perhaps file that one for the future and go the Corner this week?
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So pompomtom, russm, jonathanstrange & I had a meeting & we reckon we do the Corner again this week, and then check out the Limerick Castle in North Melbourne in a few weeks.
Possibly after that we might check out one of the other venues on a different night? Maybe somewhere that nomis can get to?
Wednesday nights are best for me, Monday & Tuesday nights are doable with notice, Thursday & Friday nights are pretty much out. Anyone else with strong preferences for particular days?
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Wednesdays are generally fine with me. But most other nights work too. Tuesdays are perhaps less good, but not by much.

I unfortunately cannot make it this week as I will be on a plane to NZ to cheer the mighty Eagles in the RWC. But I definitely hope to make it again soon.

Also, summertime! Yay for beer gardens.
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A bit swamped at work this week, won't make it tonight. Hope you win another slab of VB!
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Yet again table is booked under Kate from 7pm
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having spent a while downstairs playing pinball, I'm now upstairs all on my lonesome... where be mah trivia folks?
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