Bar Harbor (or should I say 'harbour'?) Meetup
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Sat September 17 at 6:00 PM, Lompoc Café
36 Rodick St, Bar Harbor, ME, USA (Map & Directions)
Altolinguistic and her husband are flying across the Atlantic soon and will be visiting me on Mount Desert Island. A quick perusal reveals that there are a number of mefites in the area, so I thought a Down East meetup would be in order. They'll be in town most of next week, and besides a how-to-eat-lobster indoctrination nothing else is on the docket, so we're flexible as to where and when. I am away from email until Sunday (hopefully I'll be atop Katahdin in a few days) but maybe others could chime in with date and location suggestions. We live in Somesville but are open to going anywhere on the island.
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That sounds like fun -- I love that area, although I don't know it well enough to suggest a specific meetup location. But Bar Harbor is loaded with, well, bars, so . . . . A weekend day would probably be better for me, since I'm about 2 hours away in Augusta, but I'm not adverse to a weekday evening and having an excuse to leave work early.
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*gets excited* Yes, inhabitants of Maine, come and meet us!
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Hah, I live in Bar Harbor. The Lompoc Cafe and the Dog and Pony are the two bars worth mentioning.

Count me in! I work until 6-ish.
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I should add that not only have I never eaten lobster, I have only ever been to one meetup and that consisted of me, tractorfeed and our respective partners. Mr alto barely knows what Metafilter is. That's how clueless we are.

harbor harbor harbor (see me practise)
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Mr. Mon Dieu says yes. So Mr. Alto can have another non-Mefite to talk to. Hoping it's in Bar Harbor - we are coming out of Ellsworth.
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I can't be much help about times, since I don't have many constraints. Weekday evenings from Tuesday 13th onwards are fine; otherwise, how about Saturday 17th, afternoon or evening? Otherwise the Sunday 18th is probably ok, but nothing after that.
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Prefer Saturday the 17th here, either afternoon or evening.
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Can we firm this up to Saturday the 17th? I have a slight preference for Lompoc, if only for the bocci court. How about evening-ish, 7pm ish, Lompoc on Saturday? I will navigate the IRL interface to establish this more firmly. Looking forward to meeting more Down East people.
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I will do my best to make it, I also live in Bar Harbor and I'll be racing sailboats that afternoon.
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Sounds good; I will be there. How will I find you all?
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I take off to do my radio show at 7, but I bet you could get Beer Guy to tune in to WERU for you between 8 and 10!
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Dunkadunc if we make it earlier would you stop by before your show?
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It ain't Harbor OR Harbour... it's Hahbah. I'll be there to give dialect lessons !
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Ain't you cunnin', Lobstah dee-yah. I guess the sun'll be ovah the yahdahm by 7:00, ayuh. My mumma was from Dextah and my dad from Macwahoc.

We might show up earlier. Find some pahkin spoht and walk around a bit.

I've been known to make signs. One time I walked into Gritty's in Portland and Rusty was there and he looked at me and I looked at him and he said, "Metafilter?" He was sitting at the bar, not one of the long tables, so there was no way I would have known, yet we picked each other out. The common phrase is, I believe, "Are you a friend of Matthowie?"

Otherwise, I have pink glasses, curly hair and generally look like my profile picture. My husband looks like his grandfather, minus the mustache.

Altolinguistic, do you have stuff to do while you're here? We took a lovely walk at Woodlawn the other day. I suppose being around Acadia there is plenty to do there. Look forward to meeting you!
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We've plenty to do so far but all suggestions welcome! I'm short and nondescript and wear glasses, like everyone else, but Mr alto is usually the tallest person in the room, if that helps. He has also been bitten half to death by mosquitoes.

I was just practising my spelling; "Bah Hahbah" is the default way of saying it in my English accent, so I'm right at home here. Looking forward to meeting you all.
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Have you been to Acadia National Park yet? I love Thunder Hole, or Jordan Pond. Schoodic Point? There is also a brew company, Atlantic Brewing, which we went to last weekend. It's very small and the tour is sort of like "here's our brew tanks," then you get to taste beer and eat some barbecue (beer tasting free, barbecue not).

We've been to Bartlett Winery, which is quite nice. The pear brandy is tops.

We drove up to Petit Manan recently and took the Hollingsworth trail to the sea. It's quite a rugged hike to get to the shore (lots of roots and rocks, some parts muddy but you can walk around the mud), if you go you must bring lots of water and perhaps a picnic and some bug spray (mosquitos got me there!).

What sort of things are you interested in?
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For a rainy day (today) you could always come visit our gallery: The Judy Taylor Studio in Seal Cove... :) Come say Hi to the artist who painted the infamous "Maine Labor Mural" ! Judy will be teaching a portrait class this AM, but we will be open this afternoon.
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Not feeling like I'm up to the drive today; I'm sorry for bailing but y'all have fun.
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Good times! Thanks everyone for come out :-)

Lobstah, loved meetin' yah!
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Same here, Marie Mon Dieu, that was a lot of fun ! Thanks to all for a fun evening.
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We're back in England now, and remembering good times in the US through a haze of jetlag - thanks all for coming out last Saturday! Very nice to meet you all.
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