Portland barbeque/pot luck AND ALSO Metafilter music club: part deux
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Sun October 23 at 1:00 PM, Greg_Ace's house
4414 SE Center St, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
Greg_Ace's house! Music in the early afternoon! Food later!
Greg's house is in SE Portland off of 42nd/Powell, and rides can probably be arranged for folk (buses 9, 17, and 75 all have stops within 4-6 blocks; 14 is 9 blocks away).

Music stuff will start around 1 or so, run for a few hours, and then anyone who's just interested in the foods + beverages can start wandering in around 3.

FOOD INFORMATIONS: Bring something! Greg is smoking meats, and will have his famous coleslaw. I am going to bring some beer and probably some kind of snack-y mix. Pretty much anything you want to bring is okay and appreciated.

MUSIC INFORMATIONS: Bring anything you like to play; there will probably be an extra guitar or two and I think a keyboard. There are outlets for amps if you have anything that uses the electrick. It would be very helpful if you would have a song or three in mind, along with their chords, when you come; these kinds of informal music gatherings tend to suffer from a bit of aimless "I dunno, what do YOU wanna play?" Skill level is 100% a NON-ISSUE; this is super-casual.
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I only have one instrument and it's an electric bass guitar that's not been out of its case in several years. Acceptable?
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Anybody who came to the whiskey-tasting a couple months ago knows I have a ginormous basement room that would be perfect for this sort of thing. It's available, and includes an OK keyboard synth. Unfortunately it does not include beer like Caldera would, but I'm sure we can manage to compensate.
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nick: sure! Especially if we use Greg's basement. Do you still have an amp for it?

Greg: that would be pretty fantastic. Beer can be supplied!
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Yes, I still have a small amp.
I've actually had the bass and amp for well over a decade, but never did much with it.
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In addition to the keyboard, I've got a bass amp (with 2 inputs, so one for the kyb and one open) and a fretless bass. And the odd assortment of saxes and trumpets. And a uke, if I can find it. And a small assortment of shaky-rattly things.
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In case I wasn't obvious enough, I have assortments.
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Updated with what we chatted about tonight.
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Slight update - I've got a friend coming for a visit 9/24-10/1, so it's looking like Sunday Oct. 2 would be my/my house's available date (or the weekend of Oct. 9-10, if 10/2 doesn't work for people). Which may not be a problem at all, but I figured I'd better mention it.
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oh man if no tragedies befall me i would be happy to tote on over some wine and perhaps a banjo
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How about October 8th or 9th?
posted by mimo at 8:51 PM on September 2, 2011

Though I mentioned Oct 9-10 above as an alternate, I actually meant Oct 8th or 9th are also fine with me.
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8th would work best for me.
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Posted. Comment!
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Cortex and I are out of town the weekend of the 8th and 9th for a friend's wedding. So rest assured there will be music being played, and food later, but across the country.

Out of curiosity, would there be much interest in a future bluegrass jam? That is, taking place in the future, not the genre "future bluegrass". Although I'm open to that as well.
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It's looking probable that I won't be able to make this. However, I promise I will drop off baked goods if I can't.
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mimo, that's very kind and generous of you but please don't feel obligated. Besides, they wouldn't taste as good without you there!
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Maybe move the date, then? 15/16th?

At this point it's getting late enough in the year that any outdoorsy BBQ thing might get rained out, now that I'm thinking about it. =/ Dunno how much space Greg's house has inside for random wandering guests.
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Basically, any weekend in Oct. (other than Sat. 10/1) works fine for me. I have a fair amount of indoor room (besides the basement "music room"), and also a covered patio area. Up to youse guys.
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I'm walking a half marathon on the 16th, so that weekend doesn't work for me either (keep me in your thoughts that day). greg, it's really not out of the way for me or I wouldn't pretend to be so kind and generous. Besides, I'm starting to feel like a jerk making all these promises and never following through.

I would like to attend a jam of traditional and future bluegrass even though my contribution would have to be limited to clapping, slapping my thigh, and letting out an occasional 'whoop'.
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secretariat i suck really bad at the banjo but i would love to have a venue to decrease the suck by jamming. i also have a concertina stuffed somewhere and for you, mimo - a jawharp
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22nd or 23rd?
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22nd or 23rd?

yes...or not.
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Well, I suck pretty bad at the upright bass but I still think it's fun to play bluegrass with it- until my puny fingers get sore.

As for dates.. maybe either 16th or 23 would work for me? But keep in mind that it's never going to work for every single person, so this can just be a recurring event, kind of like the games meetups that I haven't made it to yet. For example, I would enjoy hosting a crapgrass themed jam sometime.
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I'll move it to the 23rd. There's only two "attending" right now, and one of those is Greg, since he lives in his house. ;P Doesn't seem to be any downside at the moment. And I'll leave it at that and we'll see who shows!
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Greg ... lives in his house.

As far as you know.
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omg the greg-call is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE
posted by Secretariat at 8:22 PM on September 11, 2011

Yeah, no worries, I just dialed my own number by accident and now my phone's stuck in an infinite loop.
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Gingerbeer is maybe attending? Are you coming to town, or is the possibility of pot luck music causing a mapitudinal distortion?
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Gingerbeer and rtha will be in Portland that weekend. We have plane tickets and everything.
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Revisiting this thread to say yes, we will see you all!
posted by rtha at 3:15 PM on October 8, 2011

I will most likely definitely be there.

And I will bring smoked pork things as well.
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In that case I'll smoke a brisket and a chicken. At least. (mrzarquon, if you end up needing to cancel for some reason let me know and I'll adjust my plans accordlingly)
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I'm bringing rtha and gbeer, so Im pretty much going to be there no matter what.
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They aren't holding me hostage, but by numbers, I'll be there.

yet, they really like Portland and my cats. Stay posted
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balls. we're up in seattle that wknd. crapgrass later on i suppose
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hey it's this weekend~

Who is/might be coming for the earlier music part, out of curiousity?
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Me! Oh wait, we did that joke already.
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OK then, let's to the curious curious joke instead.

I will be observing the musical portion of the gathering.
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What is the schedule of events?
Music from ____ to ____
Eating from ____ to ____
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"Music stuff will start around 1 or so, run for a few hours, and then anyone who's just interested in the foods + beverages can start wandering in around 3." til Greg kicks everyone out, or the food is gone, or whatever.
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Go ahead, but f y'all start singing folk songs and chanting "We Shall Overcome", I'm leaving - and takin' the booze with me!!
posted by Greg_Ace at 12:47 PM on October 18, 2011

"We are the 99%-drunk and -stuffed"?
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Not sure we'll make it for the music, but should be there with and for food.
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Cortex and I will be there for music. We can bring spare instruments if anyone needs anything. If I remember I'll grab a few random small percussion instruments and bring those regardless.
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I can clap my hands and tap my feet! Not necessarily at the same time.
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Sunday's supposed to be cool enough that if anyone's inclined to bring a bit of firewood, we could get us a nice cozy fire going down in the Rumpus Room while we jam...not to mention the woodstove in the living room and/or firepit on the (covered) patio....
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I have a furnace, by the way; I'm not talking about heating the entire house! Just one or two of those armful-size packs you can pick up at the grocery store - you know, for "atmosphere". It was just a thought.
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I have plenty of cedar logs for a nice fire, I'll see if I can find some other lumber as well.

It will be a cozy night at Greg's indeed.
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I'll be there. If someone brings some shaky-rattly-percussy things I can provide some background noise.
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Running behind. Probably won't show up as early as originally anticipated.
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We shall be there in the mid-afternoon with banana pudding.
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Possibly trying to make it there with wife and scrobbles, it all depends on naps, both the babies and mine.
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We are here, bearing cheese and smoked meat products.
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I am inspired by Greg's smoker to acquire one for myself in time to make the Thanksgiving turkey.
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Greg there are two bars of chocolate outside near the table, they are not to be overlooked
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Greg - thanks so much for hosting! It was great. And remember: Assembling California, John McPhee.

It was great to meet/see/hang out with everyone. If you're ever coming to San Francisco, give us a shout.
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excellent hosting as usual, Greg.
posted by mimo at 9:01 PM on October 23, 2011

Thanks, Greg!
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Also, from last nights conversation

Dirty Signs with Kristen
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She's adorable!

Thanks, everyone, for coming and making it all worthwhile. And I did find the chocolate, which I shall eat carefully safeguard. Nah, I'll eat it.
posted by Greg_Ace at 8:09 AM on October 24, 2011

Chalkboard photo added.
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Thanks for hosting, Greg... it was fun!
posted by spherical_perceptions at 10:07 AM on October 27, 2011

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