NACIS 2011 Conference - October 12-14 - Mapgeeks unite!
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Wed October 12 at 5:00 PM, The Madison Concourse Hotel
1 W Dayton St, Madison, WI, USA (Map & Directions)
This will be my first time attending and I'd love to get to know Mefi's geo community in person. The preliminary program (PDF) they've put out looks kind of packed, so I'm open to times and places.
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That sounds right up my alley. I just moved to Whitewater, Wisconsin to finish up a Bachelor's degree. Funny enough, I am double majoring in the Multimedia program and Geography (probably a GIS emphasis). Any idea if there are student rates for attending, rather than the $245 Full Conference rate?
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Student rate is $80 (with meals included!). I'd talk to someone in your Geo department - they might cover the entire thing. I attended the APA conference basically for free a few years ago through the urban planning department at UWM. I had to write an essay about why I wanted to go or something. Anyway, check with your dean, it will depend on your department's budget.
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I sent out an email to my geography department,but I haven't heard back yet. I'm going to delay registering for the conference until after classes start. I shouldn't have any issue attending Thursday and Friday, I've already found several sessions I'd like to attend.
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I'll be there and would love to meet up! I don't have any travel plans yet but may not be staying over on Friday night, so a Wednesday or Thursday night activity is probably best. I'm leaning toward Wednesday, though, since there's some kind of NACIS night out on Thursday.
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Wednesday is a bit tough for me as I have classes until 5pm. Its then about an hour drive for me to Madison, as such I wasn't planning on going then. I might be able to swing something though, since that is my Human Geography course on Wednesday afternoon and it doesn't have an exam that week.

As always, knowing the right people is key! I found the correct professor to contact and have been informed that there is some sort of student carpool group attending from Whitewater. However, it doesn't look like there is any student aid being offered specifically for the conference, so I will just have to grumble about being a poor student and pay for myself.
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It looks like the only time to breathe on Wednesday is between 5 and 6:30 pm; after that is the keynote address.

graxe: Surely a geography professor, of all people, would understand your desire to skip class?
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Okay, travel plans made! I'll be arriving on Tuesday, spending all day Wednesday with the map librarians, then following the usual conference schedule until the banquet on Friday. I'll be leaving Madison overnight between Friday and Saturday.

Wednesday at five is good for me. I'm sure we could all meet up during/after the poster session that night too.
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Wednesday at 5 pm it is. I put the hotel as a starting point - do you feel like dinner? coffee? drinks? There will be plenty of options in such a dense area.
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I'm around and up for meeting; I'm sure the boy would be as well. We no longer live right off the square, but we're happy to meet up anywhere.
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Hi folks, I ended up considering how much time and money I should put into this. In the end, I decided that I should just register for the keynote address. If there isn't a meetup until 5pm on Wednesday, I can still attend class as I switched the time around. I've only driven into Madison once before and not from where I currently live, but it looks like a straightforward drive up 18.
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What do you all think about grabbing dinner, then? Madamina, since you're the only Madisonian in this thread, perhaps you can recommend a place near the square? I'll pretty much eat anything, but pizza might work well (not too expensive, and who doesn't like pizza?)
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Gosh. The funny thing is that I don't know of any real pizza places near the square. Except for Ian's, of course, but that isn't really set up for conviviality.

With places near the square, it would be most helpful if we could get a reservation. So if we have some general numbers, that would be helpful.

Old Fashioned is always busy. Graze: similar, busy, but might work. Brocach: could also work. (These are all sort of pub places, but any decent Madison restaurant will have vegetarian options.)

If we're going at 5, the Old Fashioned might be okay. Otherwise, I just saw a good review for this new place called The Fountain that is across from Ian's on the first block of State St. Sounds similar to the Old Fashioned -- "old school" beers and local food -- and pretty promising.

Nick's, just on the other side of the Orpheum, is literally a VERY old-style place, but is great for hanging out.

I've heard that Francesca's, on MLK, is pretty good, and they seem to have a decent menu of appetizer/tapas-y stuff for munching.
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I'm up for dinner on Wednesday, I'm not extraordinarily picky so the vast majority of things will work for me. I will probably get into Madison around 4:30pm since I will leave after class. I will probably try to go to Madison this Sunday for services with the UUs so that I know my way around.

Offhand, is there a location we could meet at prior to dinner and such? I honestly don't know anyone or how to identify anyone.
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Well, I'd assumed that conference attendees would be starting from the hotel, so I was thinking of meeting in the hotel lobby. I'll tell the desk clerk to direct people accordingly, so if you get there and can't pick us out or don't know if we've left yet, ask him or her. I'll also keep my Twitter updated; if you don't have it, let me know and I'll memail you my phone number so you can text/call (prefer texts).

so that I know my way around

Ha, good luck. I'm pretty good with navigation, but Madison flummoxes me sometimes. Something about having water all over the place, and streets that don't run N/S/E/W.
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I'm heading out for classes shortly. I'll head over to Madison after them. I look forward to meeting folks.
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Hey, I'm here! See you guys later. I'm in a black/grey turtleneck sweater and black cords. Also, I'm Really Short.
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You're not THAT short!

So what's the plan for today, then? Meet at the Concourse and then head up to wherever?
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I'll be there as soon as my map library tour ends (4:30 at UW-Madison, so I'll be walking back via State St.). I'm wearing a purple-y top and a huge floral scarf. Excited!
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yeah, let's meet in the hotel lobby and head out from there.

yes I am that short
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I should be there at the hotel lobby by 5pm. I'm not very inventive so I'm just in a grey tshirt and jeans. And I'm not short.
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I just took a walk around the corner to State Street. There are a bunch of restaurants within the first block - the ones that look most promising to my eye are the Capital Tap Haus and Frida Mexican Grill.

I would have worn jeans if I'd known almost everyone else here was :/
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Running late - graxe is going to meet me in the hall outside the capitol ballroom,we'll come down ot the lobby as soon as this presenter is done.
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Successful meet-up at Capital Tap Haus! Thanks everyone for a great NACIS opening night!
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I had a good time. I will have to take up Madamina and husband's offer of a Madison tour. The presentation by Patrick Hofmann was really great though, it really meshes with my interests.
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