Who's in Hong Kong
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Who on Metafilter is in HK? I have come half way around the world, and would love to meet you.
I am in Hong Kong till next Sunday. I would love to see which Mefites are located here. I was thinking Saturday night and dinner. I am staying off the beaten track (Ma On Shan), but would willingly travel to Kowloon or Central. Suggestions are very welcome, as I am very much a farang in these parts. All I ask is that we avoid any backpacker type bars.
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Oh what! I was in Ma On Shan on Friday evening. A friend and I hopped on a random bus that took us all the way to Wu Kai Sha; ended up taking the trains back into China.
Dammit TWO IRLs missed!!!
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Damn, passports going in to renew visas, so we won't be in Hong Kong this weekend.
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Do you like dimsum? Saturday night is good. There's a place very near Central (in Sheung Wan, one subway stop away) that serves dimsum at night.
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Mmm, could do Sat night if this ends up happening...
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Dim sum is way fine with me. Shall we say seven? Just say where.
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great! central MTR station at 6:45-7 pm? there's a 7-11 right beside exit D. we can meet there :-)

@monocot: it will! let's go!
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That sounds good. I will MefiMail you my local phone # should you need to reach me. Bring friends! The more the merrier!
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Argh, I can't make it tonight :( Sorry and have fun!
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