This IS something you would need a TV to understand
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Sun August 7 at 2:00 PM, Chez DiscourseMarker & Horace Rumpole
78 Fairview Ave, Belmont, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
As a direct result of this thread, I finally caved and bought all four seasons of Blake's 7 on DVD. At Admiral Haddock's suggestion, we are having a B7 viewing party. Location: Our living room Date: Sunday, August 7 Time: 2pm until you can't stand any more AWESOMENESS! NOTE TO THE ALLERGIC: We have a cat.
What is Blake's 7, you ask? Well it's only the best late 70's dystopian BBC sci-fi created by none other than the man himself, creator of the Daleks, Mr. Terry Nation.

It's not Star Trek, it's the anti-Trek. Full of wobbly sets, puffy sleeves, cheesy effects, and WIN.

We'll probably have snacks and beer, feel free to bring your own. Maybe we'll order a pizza or something.
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Folks, beware: DiscourseMarker is going to get you hooked. You will be thinking "OMG LUllz0rz this is going to have such bad FX I can't believe it" then you will be all "Hmm... Avon is pretty badazz and Villa is kind of a cute Phil Collins" and before you know it you will be all "Where can I get a Servalan haircut today?"
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If there were a hall of fame for fey sarcasm, Avon would be the first inductee. He's more arch than McDonald's and drier than Death Valley.
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There's this compilation of his put downs on Youtube (probably spoilers in there; best left to devotees).
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OMG neighborhood meetup! I am THERE.
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Also, we're taking suggestions for a starting time. We could not start any earlier than noon, but we also weren't sure if people wanted to start that early. Maybe 2pmish? Any thoughts?

Me, I'm perfectly capable of watching MANY hours of TV in a row, but I don't know what kind of stamina the rest of you have.

Each episode is about 50 minutes.
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As I can easily bike that far I should be able to make a couple episodes. Never seen even a 'tube clip, but I know I'm missing something.
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Oh man, I totally can't make this, and I so want to. Stupid scheduling.
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Oh man, this sounds like so much fun. But I can't come. Bummer.

have fun.
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Ok, I'm going to call it for 2pm. Our place is easy to get to from public transportation, if you can get to Harvard Square. We're on the #73 bus line. Memail me if you want driving or bus directions.
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suetanvil and I will probably drop by for an episode or few.
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As Metafilter's leading authority on how much I myself love Blake's 7, I will enthusiastically and vigorously attend. I think I have band practice that afternoon, too--so I may have to teleport after the first couple of episodes.

This is very exciting.
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How late will you be going? Every episode?
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There are 52 episodes; watching them all would certainly tax DiscourseMarker's and Rumpole's hospitality.
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Yeah, I don't think we can quite get through 4 seasons in one night!* My idea was to start with the first few to set the stage, then maybe skip to the end of Season 1, watch some of Season 2, etc. We might be able to get in 9 or 10 episodes before Horace declares his bedtime. Each episode is around 50 minutes.

*Or more to the point, I totally would if I didn't have stuff to do on Monday. When I finished my comprehensive exams for my PhD I watched 20 straight hours of ST: DS9 to decompress. It was glorious!
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I have never ever seen Blake's 7 before and I can think of no better people to watch it with.
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Don't let the rain get you down people! Spending the afternoon drinking and watching British TV is the BEST way to deal a wet day!
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I'm leaving in a minute--won't be long, but feel free to start without me! I can only stay for the first two or so; I've got band practice later this afternoon!
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I'm still stuck at work but I'm hoping I can get out of here soon and head on over.
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We have lots of snacks and beer! Just started episode 2. Only 50 more to go ;) come by whenever you can.
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We have pizza!
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I helped take a boat up to Bangor and the bus back hit traffic, still running?
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I'm still stuck at work :( Big bad stuff going down here. I doubt if I'll get out before 10 tonight :/.
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We just started Season 2. Blake's shirt is so huge he looks like he's wearing a Hefty bag.
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OK, we're calling it a night for this Blakestravaganza. But I feel confident that Blake and his crew will return!
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The Blakestravaganza was so great! I weep bitter tears for anyone who missed the Velourian smocks, shaving cream sealant, and DiscourseMarker's and Horace Rumpole's lovely hospitality. To Cygnus Alpha with you ne'er do wells!

Thanks so much!
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Thanks everybody! That was so much fun!
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