1-Up Arcade in Downtown Denver!
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Let's meet up at the 1-Up and play some old school video games. At least, the ones that aren't out of order...19th and Blake St.
They sell 40-ounce malt beverages to maximize your game time and minimize your waiting at the bar time. For those who dislike cheap 40 ounce beverages that inevitably warm up over time as you desperately race the clock to gag it down, you can also buy regular pints and bottles and cans and other vessels that are typically used for the distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Weeknights are much better than weekdays in one sense because the crowds are much smaller and it's easier to conduct a conversation...plenty of other options abound for the after-party crowd. Weekend nights are nice if you're up for watching lots of people hang out to be seen at the hip old school arcade without actually playing any games and are interested in staying up 'til last call and heading over to Two Fisted Mario's for some pizza-pie afterward...
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I love this place! There is also a Wisconsin-themed bar across the street (it has a fish on the sign) with yum alcoholic slushie drinks.

Mr. C and I will be at Yellowstone Aug 6-13 but I'd happily come almost any other time.
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a meetup in downtown Denver?? OH HELLZ YEA!! Love to - we are in ABQ this coming weekend (5th-8th) but I can make time after that!
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Right on. I will keep checking back to monitor interstate. I wanna meet koeslitz (probably butchered his name since I'm lazy and using a mobile device) too!
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Monitor INTEREST that is. DYAC
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Sure, sign me up. I'm reasonably open for most nights and it's unlikely that I'll be dragged off to some foreign country on short notice.
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sounds awesome.
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Me too. (Outta the country until... 10th and then some outta state stuff and... well just arrange and I'll hope to show!)
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I'm in!
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I just moved to Boulder a few months ago -- hopefully I'll be able to make it. Lock something down! ;)
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I've been wanting to go here! I have a really erratic schedule for the next 3-4 weeks, but I'll come if I can...
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If I'm around I'll more than likely be there. I'm gone 8/7-8/10. Probably gone 8/24-8/25 and for sure gone 8/27-8/28.
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I'm trying to finish a last gasp of data collection right now, so it's very possible I won't be able to make it.

I can't decide if my really crazy days mean I'll be more or less likely to come, so I'll just monitor the road and see what happens. However, I will be entirely done gathering data as of Friday, August 19th, if that means anything.
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Hey, I live in Colorado now! Keep me posted. :)
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Well, how about a week from now: Thursday the 18th?
posted by scrutiny at 9:22 AM on August 9, 2011

Make it so.
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I'm back, and totally up for this Thursday the 18th! Is it on?
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I think it's on?

The problem is that tonight I won a ticket to a Master distiller's event and that means my availability for Thursday has tanked.

So... I may just not be able to make this one.
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Well, I'll be there! I probably won't be able to get there until a bit before 7, but I will be there. C'mon, Front Range!
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Ok - who's making this official? I'll try to be there if someone stamps a time on this bad boy.
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Well... here I am. :| Red polo, red beard, shorts.
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And here I go. MeFail. Next time!
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Dammit! I thought there'd be an IRL email when it was confirmed. Sorry you showed solo McBearclaw ... I hate when that happens. Hope you at least got a PBR and a round of Galaga.
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Aw, me too. I didn't know it'd been confirmed...
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Well, we could always try for a second round...

I'm really sorry I couldn't make it last time!
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