Meat-Up 2011: When it gets hot, the hot get grilling
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Sat August 6 at 5:00 PM, Picnic Garden
147-42 Northern Blvd, Flushing, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Who feels like going out to Flushing for a meat buffet?
Hey, guys. I don't like summer. It's hot. And when it's hot I don't feel like doing much, but I don't want to stay home either. A compromise, is having some kind of of activity. Meat grilling is a perfectly acceptable summer activity, especially if you get to do it in doors. So let's go to Picnic Garden!

It's around $20-30 bucks per person (depends on if it's a weekday/weekend or lunch/dinner), if I'm remembering it correctly. It's not the greatest Korean bbq you'll have in your life, but it's all you can eat. Also, if you got issues with your food touching and super particular about how your food is prepared or grilled, this might not be the place for you. Finally, you will smell like grilled meat and garlic when you leave this place.

I have no huge preference as to when, I just figured some time early-mid August would be good? Lunch is cheaper than dinner, but the selection might not be as wide as dinner time, but dinner crowds are huge on the weekend. Early dinner/lunch (like 4pm) on a weekend maybe?
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I like the late lunch/early dinner idea. I could do Saturday August 6th or Sunday August 7th!

And she is NOT KIDDING about smelling like meat after you leave! Do not think you can go to this place and then go somewhere you have to impress people.
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What if the people I associate with are impressed by meat/garlic smells? WHAT THEN INTARWEBS?
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August 7th, I'll be in class until 3pm. That will affect my ability to attend.
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In fact, I would say I prefer Saturday August 6th.
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They opened one of these in Edison, NJ recently. Apparently Picnic Garden is a chain. The last one of these meetups was a blast.
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I am out of town the first 2 weekends of August. Have a great time!
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Am imagining ThePinkSuperhero dressed like a meatpacker.
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That's a really good idea!
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Ooo, I would love to do this. But I work til late on Sundays, so I'm in for a Friday or Sat.
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My apologies folks, work and all that. Since Saturday seems to be the day of choice, I'm going to call this for Aug. 6.
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Oh, so are we cool with meeting earlier in the evening as opposed to later? I remember last time we did this we met around 7 and didn't get out until a little late-ish and post prandial lethargy made it tough for people to muster the gumption to get home from Flushing, so earlier might be better than later. 5 pm?
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I will be in Indianapolis for GenCon, but have fun.
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And she is NOT KIDDING about smelling like meat after you leave! Do not think you can go to this place and then go somewhere you have to impress people.

"I think the candidate was excellent! Her ideas for increasing sales were innovative, and she smellt of the only the highest-quality meats!"
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Found the pictures from last time!
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If I can get the wife to come, I'll be there.
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It appears that the 7 train will be running properly, hurray!
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So, what's the parking like by Picnic Gardens? Can't decide if I'm going to drive in or take the trains - Google directions say I should take the PATh to Penn station then get the Port Washington something (LIRR?) to Murray Hill. Or get to Grand Central to the 7 train. The train time estimates are more than twice as long as the driving time estimate, but, I don't know if google is taking traffic into account.
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The neighborhood appeared to have lots of street parking.
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meat for the meat god
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Don't know about driving, but the LIRR and 7 are two different stops. The LIRR Murray Hill stop is closer to the place than the 7 (it's a long, but doable, walk or a bus ride from the Main St. station). The LIRR ride from Penn Station is shorter too. But also realize the LIRR is a separate ticket, since it's a commuter railway that's not part of the subway system.
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Also, I'm embarrassed to admit I totally thought this was happening on Sunday for some reason, until TPS im'ed me this morning all excited about meat.
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And I am embarassed to admit that I had no idea Flushing was so far way. Good thing I looked now!
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Why oh why am I at work.
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Overslept and still a bit groggy, so I'm going to bow out. Please have extra meat for me.
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Just got off the train. I guess it's a20 minute walk from here.
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We are here!
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!Jim, be on the lookout for the Q13 or Q28 bus.
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That was fun! I reek of meat!
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Remember to isolate your clothes from other laundry and to wash ASAP!
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So good to meat you all, bwahahaha. I smellllllllll.
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