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Fri August 19 at 7:00 PM, Dieu du Ciel
29 Avenue Laurier Ouest, Montreal, QC H2T, Canada (Map & Directions)
I am keen on meeting Montreal MeFites. And considering warm weather is in scarce supply for the majority of the year, this means pints on a patio!
Shepherd and I are in the city at least a couple of times a week and would like to meet with any willing members of the Montreal community for chat, possibly board games, and drinks. I propose a couple of my favorite places: Dieu du Ciel, L'Amere a Boire, but suggestions are welcome.

I'm thinking maybe in early August? We've got plans for the next couple of weekends.
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If it's not Aug 13th I'll happily join ya especially if it's at Dieu du Ciel.
posted by Jode at 9:00 PM on July 21, 2011

I am not a huge beer drinker, but I love board games, though those are impractical outside. Early August is good for me, not late August. Dieu de ciel is significantly more convenient than L'Amere a Boire.
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I would love to do this (I keep missing the meetups). Dieu du Ciel is great. I go camping in early August but let's see...
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Does Dieu du Ciel around the third weekend of August sound good to everyone?
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I can't on the 20th (I'm organising a party at my home) but would be available on Friday the 19th.
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The 19th is fine, so is the 20th. The weekend of the 27th is bad all weekend long, though.
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It's not that the 19th is impossible, it's just that we usually get in on Friday evenings. I will talk to Shepherd and see if he wouldn't be too pooped to go out once we get in.
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All right, how is August 19th, a Friday, Dieu du Ciel around 7-ish for everyone?
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Sure, sounds fine.
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PS: you should update the post with the date and time so it shows up in the upcoming meetups.
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Doing that now. Thanks!
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So who will be showing up this Friday evening?
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I count 6.
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I will be there with a (non-mefi) friend, who is a bit nervous of the whole thing. He says it's because of his not perfect english, but I think he believes this is some sort of sect I'm talking about.
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Hah! Priceless!
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Well, it sounds like he's right about mefi, so.
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we'll see! Oh and we won't be there before 7:30.
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Argh! I get in to montreal just a few hours too late. I'm there for a week, and I want to meet you all (yes, especially you) - should I post a followup event?
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Go for it!

As for this evening, I'm about 5'6", dark hair more than likely pulled back into a sloppy chignon, and wearing sort of librarian cat-eye glasses. My husband is the guy with the bald head, glasses, probably making me laugh at something.
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I will be there with a (non-mefi) friend, who is a bit nervous of the whole thing. He says it's because of his not perfect english (...)

I'm pretty fluent in both English and French, if that's your friend's language of preference, and Kitteh needs to practice her French as well.
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I'm fluent enough in both languages. I'll be there on time, assuming that my planned after-work nap doesn't extend past 7.

Roobot, I would be willing to do another meetup if you try to plan one.
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Hey, nobody followed up yet -- it was swell, if small (Kitteh, me, Jeather, and Jode). We got in a game of Give Me The Brain, which soon became Give Me Another Game, One With A Set Terminal Point Because This Just Will Not Goddamn End.

Standing recommendation: do not have meetups at the Dieu du Ciel. We were lucky enough to get an outside table, but the inside is -- invariably -- elbow to elbow with people shouting at each other. You literally have to yell to make yourself understood, and the idea of trying to hold a conversation in there is anethema.

Next time, definitely somewhere more suitable for a sit-and-chat, or even a sit-and-game.
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