So, Miko's in town.
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Tue July 26 at 6:30 PM, Ten Cat
3931 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Miko popped into the picnic thread to say she'd be here July 23-28 and is free in the evening while she's here (except on Sunday and Monday). Like most conference-goers, she's staying Loopish. Since the monthly Goat is one week later, I propose a different spot. But where? There's the conundrum. We have decided upon Ten Cat in Lakeview.
I like the idea of a patio or river view, but can only think of Fulton's which just seems wrong for a meet-up. Who's got an opinion to share?
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Mefi booze cruise! Who's with me? Anyone? No?

Okay then. Plymouth has a great view but it's too loud for talking and full of law students. Ten Cat and Duke of Perth have nice beer gardens.
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Ten Cat is near me! I like near me!
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Those things aren't near the Loop.

There's a place in my building called Currents on the River where my company has had happy hours.
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Who says it needs to be near the Loop? Sure, she's staying there, but why keep her in one of the lamest parts of the city when there's so much more a short train/bus ride away?

Happy to have it in the hotel bar if that suits her, but nothing wrong with thinking of ways to branch out a bit.
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In that case I propose, wholly and originally my own idea, Ten Cat. Bring cash!
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The Ten Cat is awesome. It's where we're planning on having our wedding (when, y'know, we actually get around to having a little wedding).
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So, Wednesday? Tuesday? Maybe we ought to page Miko herself. . . .

Ten Cat seems a popular choice.
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Since the monthly Goat is one week later

I'm new to town--is this a meetup or something that's $20 same as in town?
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mullacc: first wednesday of the month, we gather at the Billy Goat Tavern beneath Michigan avenue. We drink tiny beers, and tinier whiskeys, until we disperse.
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I'm a little annoyed that Chicago has so few river-drinking options. There are upscale places downtown and a couple of tourist traps on the riverwalk along Wacker--although maybe Cyrano's wouldn't be so bad. And Papi Chulo's in Hegewisch, but that's a bit of a hike.
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Oh so fun! Glad you all are more organized than I - things are busy, but I'm looking forward to my trip! I don't mind traveling a little, am willing to walk a ways and have figured out the L before, so you don't have to stay right in the Loop if there are better options! Thanks , can't wait to meet all y'all.
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My guess as to the reason Chicago has so few river-drinking options is that the river smells like garbagey poop.
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I didn't mean I literally wanted to drink the river.
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No I know but there's a little patio by my building that's right on the river and it smells noxious and terrible always.
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Ten Cat's pretty accessible from the Brown Line or #9. Both, in general, smell better than the river, which I want to literally and liberally drink.
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So, Ten Cat. Tuesday or Wednesday? 6:30? 7:00?

What of do-nuts?! What!?!
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Oh, it's raining again.
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Either night should be OK by me - slight preference for Tuesday!
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Mullacc lives in Chicago now? Yay!
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that's a bit of a hike

A bit?!
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I'm in! Tuesday or Wednesday are fine.
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I'll come, and can give people rides if need be.
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A bit?!

Well it was a fun bike ride. (That's me in the red, obscured by Jeannette and her purple bike.)
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Crush, lock this thing in for Tuesday.
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Your wish, Spiffy, is (apparently) my command.
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Man, I love Ten Cat. I hope someone will play pinball with me.
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I just realized this is the same night as the Ted Leo & the Pharmacists show at the Fireside. So, I'll be going to that but can probably swing by Ten Cat for a quick drink or two before the show. I might have an extra ticket if anyone would like to come with me to the show.
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I love pinball! But I'm not very good. I get flustered.
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which I want to literally and liberally drink

Sometimes you get a great notion.
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Yay -- I hope I can make this...closeness to the location is certainly no excuse, as I am seconds from there.

So Ten Cat is considered Lakeview. But what would you all call caddy-corner from that -- no I don't live at the Popeye's (despite my love of their biscuits) -- but about a block north of it on Ashland. I've looked in multiple places and I feel like it's a neighborhood dead zone that nothing accurately describes. So what do Chicago MeFites think?

I would go look on EveryBlock -- but after following somebody's tweet about there yesterday, I wanted to pull my hair out. I don't think location-based social networking is for me -- because I don't like to think that the people I live near are petty asswipes. Some people have much more patience than I do.

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Mike, I researched this question pretty thoroughly after I moved, because I, too, seemed to be trapped in neighborhood limbo.

The correct answer is that there is no correct answer. Even that one.

The qualified answer is that, in general, multiple sources seem to identify Ravenswood and Montrose as a crossroads of four neighborhoods:

NW of Montrose and Ravenswood: Ravenswood
NE of Montrose and Ravenswood: Uptown
SE of Montrose and Ravenswood: Lakeview
SW of Montrose and Ravenswood: North Center

Now, I would make a bunch of corrections right off the bat: First off, I think Ashland should be the divider instead of Ravenswood, and I think you could make a pretty compelling case that Irving Park would make a better divider than Montrose. That said: While these qualifications make my situation clearer, they make yours muddier. Regardless: I think you could make a claim to living in either Lakeview or North Center, as you see fit.

(For what it's worth, although I technically live in Lakeview given the Montrose/Ravenswood rules, people picture the wrong thing entirely if I say I live in Lakeview, and the exact right thing if I tell them I live in Ravenswood. So I tell them I live in Ravenswood.)
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Which is why I say I live in Boystown. "East Lakeview" is just stupid, cause if you can view the Lake, you're east. Also, when people hear "Boystown", they land just a block or so away from my place, which keeps me comfortably safe from random knocks on my door.
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I live a block away from you and I say Lakeview. I would never, ever categorize Rob's domicile as "in Lakeview," however.
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as I cannot comfortably stagger home from the bar across the street from Rob's, I would be hard-pressed to saw we live in the same neighborhood.
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Can anyone help me with transportation or walking (if possible) directions from the Art Institute area to this bar? I won't have a car but can find my way round public transport.
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It's really easy--just a straight shot on the Brown Line from Adams to Irving Park (technically, taking the Red Line to Belmont and transferring is (slightly) faster, but that's an intermediate level move). The public transit directions on google maps are really good, and will make getting around Chicago while you're here a lot easier.
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Ten Cat is on Ashland (north-south running road) at Byron, which is just south of Irving Park (east-west running road). The Brown Line (which you can pick up at Monroe and State) stops at Irving Park between Wolcott (north-south running road) and Ravenswood (north-south running road). Someone may have a better suggestion, but I plan to take the Brown Line to Irving Park and walk over to the Ten Cat. It's about half a mile at most from the Irving Park stop to Ashland. It's probably about 8-10 miles from the Art Institute, so I'd not recommend walking!
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As you turn right on Ashland from Irving Park, take a minute to admire the mosaic tilework in front of Lake View High School, which may or may not be in Lakeview. You might remember LVHS from the 1980 Matt Dillon film My Bodyguard.
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I love the Ten Cat and will actually be free on Tuesday so I am going to try to make this one.
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Ten Cat doesn't serve food, and 6:30 means some of us won't have eaten dinner, so I just call to confirm that they allow outside food. They do! We can even have a pizza delivered. We like Apart Pizza on Montrose, especially their superb Vegetariana. Yet if I make it tomorrow I'll probably stop at home first and maybe eat there.
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I'm having a great time in town and looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow. Thanks for the heads-up on food!
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Hey all, I'm an official maybe, and the lady's an official no. I'm going to do everything in my power to at least pop in, because I really, really want to meet Miko, but advance warning that I may not be able to stay long.
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Hope you can make it, but don't fret if you can't make it - I certainly hope to visit Chicago again!
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I have a groupon for Apart Pizza, which I'll bring (I'll probably be a little late unless I can scram from work early). Apart is pricey but good, but the Groupon (worth $35) should help with the pricey part. I need to use it anyway since I bought it not knowing my house is outside their delivery range.
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My terrible husband gave me a cold for my birthday so he could go to a meet-up without me. What a dick.
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Jeez, as much as I normally hate Iridic, I may have to transfer some hate to SpiffyRob instead. So many decisions!
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I thought I would be traveling for work this week, but since I am still in Chicago I will plan to be here instead.
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Oh good Miko will be there for our dramatic reading of the entire Pizza That Ate Chicago thread.
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Oh dear god, no. Some of us have work some time in the next decade.

Also, does Mrs.Spiffy's admonition make him now SpiffyDick? Or DickyRob?
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Spiffy Dick is a little-seen noir about a detective in a bowtie.
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And Dicky Rob was the direct-to-video sequel to Rob Roy, with Fred Ward taking over from Liam Neeson.
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I would totally watch that.
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I thought Spiffy Dick was the lesser-loved British dessert?

(work is evil because i have not a database and am just an attorney policy analyst not a systems person. i may not make it, but i'm going to try my little heart out.)
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Confusing Fred Ward with Fred Willard, the substitution for Liam Neeson made no sense... though it would probably be hilarious.

Wha' happened?
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Old Spiffy Hen is a fine English ale.
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Just to chime in: I'm drinking English beer IN LONDON RIGHT NOW.
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Oh, wait. I'm not actually in London. I'm in Bath. But same difference.
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Say that outside a Chicago thread... I dare you.
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I'm out back. Anyone else here yet?
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I plan on being there, but late-ish.
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That was terrific. Thanks all for coming out to say hi - great company and conversation all round. Loved the Ten Cat too! Hope to see you again before too long!
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Come back anytime!
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Wonderful to meet you Miko, even though we didn't have much of a chance to chat. Come back when you can so we can!
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Same here, SpiffyRob! Definitely next time, and I hope it won't be too long.
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