Pub Trivia: What Is… Cliff Clavin?
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Thu July 28 at 8:00 PM, Maple Leaf Pub
514 Elgin St, Houston, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
Steak and Geeks Who Drink pub trivia. What could be better? I know! Our score could be better! Last time's 7th place finish (out of 15 teams) was like the episode of Cheers when Cliff went on Jeopardy! and found categories that were custom-made for him... only exactly the opposite. Still, we'll pick ourselves up and dust off and try again! Don't forget to come early to stake out a good table and enjoy yummy yummy steak!
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Hey we scored 60+ points! Despite our 7th place finish that's a lot. I'll probably be there, going to wait and see if my brother can come too.
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I need to get through Lord of the Rings this weekend (and all its attendant rehearsals) before I can even think about being social. But that will be over soon and I can start rebuilding my social calendar from its scattered ashes.

Also, what's a Cliff Clavin?
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Cliff Clavin = Cliff from Cheers.
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Cliff was also a fount of useless knowledge. And he was in the pub. A lot.
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Fount of useless knowledge = Cliff Clavin.
Font of useless knowledge = Comic Sans.
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A meeting got moved to tomorrow at 6:30 so I'm less likely to be able to make it, but I'll try.
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Whereas my boyfriend is ignoring me in favor of his horsechildren, so he'll be in Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweeping down the plain) and I'll be at Trivia enjoying my evening with you all!

Also I have a free beer ticket that someone is welcome to.
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Are you not drinking? Or just not drinking beer? Because those tickets are good for anything the barkeep feels like giving you for free. Accept the word of one who flirts with them all and tips big knows.
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Oh, just not beer because it's made with Demon Wheat grar. It said "Free Beer" so that's what I assumed it was good for. Good to know. Someone else is still welcome to it, since I'm not going to drink tonight anyway and it has been in my wallet for a month or so. Maybe it isn't even good anymore? I don't know these things.
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I think free beer coupon is free. I also have one. Will be leaving in about 1/2 an hour from now to get us a good table. Good tables are important for winning. Or Alex Trebek will stab us. While naked.
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Um, we need to win or Mr. Trebek will get all naked violent is what I meant.
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Hey, I'm a houstonian mefite thinking about coming tonight for the first time. How can I best recognize y'all, having not met anyone before?
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I'll wear a MeFi tshirt!
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Wow! So that was a decisive win for MetaFilter. We took both first AND second places tonight. First place went to team "Debt Ceiling Cat is Watching You..." and second place went to team "Alex Trebek Sleeps Naked."

Was great to have new faces there tonight - especially pziemba and his charming other half! Can't wait for the next scheduled trivia night!

The only black mark on the evening was - well, okay, I was kind of an asshat and shouted an answer to the bonus round out but in my defense, I was *really* excited to get to do Amy-Gorilla sign language like in the movie "Congo." The other bleak part of the evening was when we sacrificed poor Mamapotamus to a nerd girl who entranced us all with her promises of a DIY portal gun, and who unfortunately caused us to coin the term "nerdrape" to describe a person who corners you with talk of their fandom and will. not. let. go.

No means no, nerdgirl. No means no.
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You were not an asshat - that was excellent strategy!

Metafilter: too cool to be nerdy; too nerdy to be cool
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Metafilter REPRESENT! As jph said, first AND second place went to the Mefites in the house. With, I might add, only one point between the two.

It was fantastic meeting people I'd not met before. Chatting with MexicanYenta about average penis size (from base of palm to end of middle finger people), briefly meeting pziemba, and taking a silver $20 bar tab home (again) ... all too much fun. And nice to see jph after a long absence. Y'all, he totally rocks the Metafilter t-shirt. He says he doesn't work out, but I don't believe it. No one looks that good in a tight web geek t-shirt without doing something to earn it.

I shut portal girl down when I asked her how she would solve the spatial distortion problems inherent in building an actual portal gun. This allowed Mamapotamus and I to close down the bar in relative peace. As usual, big props to our bartender Scott (who will brew a samovar of coffee for you if you ask nicely) and our waitress Alicia who keeps my gin and tonics fresh without asking. And of course Julio, our quizmaster whose name led me to the answer for a bonus trivia question which gave me another free beer coupon. These things are piling up rapidly as I'm not a beer drinker.

SO! For next time we have a $20 and a $30 bar coupon to spend and several free beers to boot. Let's spend it all as soon as possible! Can't wait for next time.

PS "Debt Ceiling Cat Is Watching You" is quite possibly a meme in the making. Also the best team name I've heard yet, and I've heard a lot by now.
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Well played, all! I had fun meeting (or briefly meeting) everyone. I'm looking forward to next time, subsidized by our decisive wins last night!

You can tell, btw, that I'm not a regular there, at least not yet. If I were a regular, I'd have known the quizmaster's name and would've been able to take his hint about the artist with the highest selling foreign language album in the US. As it was, I guessed...Falco?
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It just occurred to me that the reason "Debt Ceiling Cat Is Watching You" missed the Big Star question is because....we beanplated it.
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Recap is up! Where's the pic of the winning team? Because it's NOT the team that called themselves "First Place" that's for sure. The presumptuousness of these non-Mefi based teams is really galling :-)
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Maybe that's the punishment for ruining a bonus round - there's no photographic evidence of our victory!
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So, again in two weeks?
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Are you going to retake your social director duties? Because we'll let you :-D For Amy.
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Patrick good gorilla.
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The Grape Ape?
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