Atlanta in early August?
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Sat August 6 at 7:30 PM, Manuel's Tavern
602 N Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA, USA (Map & Directions)
Moving to Atlanta -- anyone want to meet up in early August?
I don't know what the etiquette is on dovetailing meetups -- I know y'all just had one fairly recently -- but I'm moving to Atlanta, where I don't know a soul, and was wondering if some people would be interested in meeting up! I was thinking the first or second week of August. I don't know much about the city -- I'm moving sight unseen for grad school -- but am open to any suggestions, as long as it is a transit/walk/bike-friendly distance from the Downtown/Midtown area. Any interest? Maybe we could go to some funky bar or have a rocking dance party or do trivia or battle the forces of evil or something.
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Sure, count me in. It won't work now, but when it's cooler, I think we might host a bonfire at our place. MeFites + fire = what could go wrong, right?
posted by runningwithscissors at 4:57 PM on July 4, 2011

We're going to be ramping up on Henry IV but depending, we could be in.
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As also new people to the area, we would be delighted to welcome you, jobs and such allowing.
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Which grad school?

I'll be taking my comprehensive exams in August so I can't commit to anything yet.
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Which grad school?

Georgia Tech.
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Neat. I don't know much about good places to hang out in Midtown. Anyone have any suggestions?
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When you say Midtown, can you give a more precise area? Midtown is kind of huge (and Westside is technically Midtown but not really, blah blah blah).
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I have absolutely no idea-- I don't know where I'll be living. :) But I'm perfectly happy to travel-- I don't want this to be about me me me. I just think it would be fun to have a meetup.
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Well, it's Westside, but 5 Seasons is always a good bet. Good beer, good food. Rooftop deck.
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In a little more central Midtown, there's Cyprus Street Pint & Plate. The food and drink options are good, and there's some big tables and indoor or outdoor seating.
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Agree 5 Seasons is very tasty!
I think bus service there is probably pretty good and they do have free parking in their lot.
Medieval Maven is right - Midtown covers a lot of ground. On the east side of midtown, we're close to Poncey & Higlands so maybe Manuel's (free parking & on bus lines) would work.
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Manny's is great! Lots of room there too, depending on the night.
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Manny's is fantastic, and has the killer chicken burger on top of all that.
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I'm in for Manny's. Stormygrey works there, I think.
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For those of us who are new, we're talking about this place? We haven't spent much time in the hip part of town. Sounds like fun.
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Since I missed the scheduled last one, I'm definitely in. I'll watch the thread for actual date / time / place data.
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Sorry, hydropsyche. That's the one.
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I'm in, depending on the date/time. Regarding Manny's, man. I really miss that neighborhood.
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So, looks like Manny's . . somebody want to set a date?
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threeants: when will you be in town?
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I have a car for a change! Someone set a date and I might be able to come. Or, let me suggest a date - Saturday the 6th or 13. I'm driving from Auburn (anyone want a drive?) so I'd rather it be on a Saturday. But let's be honest, I'm a grad student and I can always skip off work early (it's the getting back that's annoying).

And also I'm kind of excited to meet hydropsyche who I share a syllable with.
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psyche: tomorrow!

batidae: awesome -- suggested dates! :) How do people feel about Saturday the 6rd, at this Manny's place?
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The 6th or 13th is okay with us. I always wanted to meet the other MeFites named for aquatic insects, hydrobatidae.
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And I just looked at your profile and realized you're named for birds not baetid mayflies. Biologist fail!
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Ok, I'm just going to go ahead and make this official, I suppose. Sounds pretty rad. Hopefully this works for people.
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They are marine birds though!
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Manuel's, if you please. Has anyone by chance made a reservation? If not, would you like me to do so?
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If you think it'd be a great idea, sure, that'd be much appreciated!
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Uh, I meant to write "a good idea", and somehow got carried away, and now what I said sounds borderline-nonsensical. I didn't mean to imply that the threshold for calling in a reservation is set at, like, profound ecstasy.
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Well, crap. Can't get my 6th shift covered. UFC night. If anyone's game for another meetup some other day, I'm (hopefully) in.
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I'll try to make it. And of course labor day weekend is Dragon*Con downtown so that's another meetup chance for ATL folks.
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Ok, here's the logistics for the Tavern, it looks like there may be around ten people coming. You don't need a reservation, you are fine. Just show up and find a table in the main dining room. If it looks like more people are going to show up, I'll put in a note in the book.

I am completely biased and I think the back bar (my domain) is by far the coolest place to sit, however, the first Sat. of every month we host an improv show. They are usually done around 10ish. If the group wants to sit in the back bar, it would need to be after that. Otherwise, I'll stick my head up and say hi once they get going with the show.
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Wow, thanks for organizing that. Do you work there? Also I wasn't totally clear if you were suggesting a change in time-- which is fine, as I chose the original time pretty arbitrarily.
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Yes, I work there. I am there every Sat. night from about 5pm to 3am, so yeah, that's me. As I am working, I am not in a place to suggest any kind of time change, its up to the group.

Coincidentally, it is also our 55th anniversary! So there will lots of specials and it'll be kinda busy. (There is also a small chance the improv group will be canceled)

Here are our specials for Saturday!
$2 Terrapin Rye Pints
$2 Terrapin Hopsecutioner IPA Pints
$2 Leinenkugel Creamy Dark Pints
$2 602 N. Highland (which is actually Leinenkugel Special Ale) Pints
$2 Leinenkugel Summer Shandy Pints
$3 Double cheeseburgers with crinkle cut fries
$3 Two hot dogs with crinkle cut fries
$5.95 NY Strip sandwiches with crinkle cut fries
Kayak giveaway on Saturday, around 9pm
2 Casks of Terrapin Vanilla Bean Rye on Saturday, tapping around 3:30pm
Sierra Southern Hemisphere available, while supplies last. Sierra flew in fresh hops from New Zealand to make this.
Sierra Ovila Dubbel on the keg box, which is a Saison, or Farmhouse Ale, light, crisp, with some spice.
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Sorry for the multipost here, but I also would like to point out that we host an awesome trivia every Sunday. I work that, but if a Mefi team started up, I would still totally tell you all the answers I know.
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Hey, neat! Both hydro-something biologists will be there. We're in Auburn as well, so maybe carpool?
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(Disclaimer: I'm not the host or organizer, I just happen to work at the bar. The improv show mentioned up thread was moved.)

When you walk in the bar from the main entrance facing North Highland, take a right through the foyer with the video games and restrooms. That big room is our Back Bar, it has our second bar and a large dining room where I will be the bartender as well as serving. I will reserve a big round table next to the bar, it should easily seat 10-12 people, and we can squish more in or cannabalize another table if needed. Since its right by the bar, mingling and bar sitting should be easy as well.

On busy nights like we will be having Saturday, we run tabs two different ways. The easiest way, especially if people are sitting and ordering food (which you should, we have awesome food), is to just order drinks and food from your table. We can drop off a check and just write your last name and how much you want rung on your card and we will collect a stack of cards, if you are leaving early just come to the bar and we will split you off when you are headed out.

Alternatively, you can come to the bar and start a tab with a credit card. Then you'd would generally come to the bar to order your food and drinks. Either way!
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We're on our way - traffic and a Trader Joe's run are slowing us down
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We made it! Table right by the back bar. Threeants is the one with black rimmed glasses.
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I'm glad those who made it weren't deterred by our brief bout of rain. I'm sorry I was too busy to visit.
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It was so great to meet everybody, especially so many biologists, and to help Manuel's celebrate its birthday. Sorry I ran out of energy.
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Thanks for coming, everyone! It was great to meet you guys. And thanks to Rebecca for basically de facto organizing the event.
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Just got real internet access so a belated "so great to hang out with y'all!". Gotta love an internet meet-up not being the weirdest thing going on at the bar.

Next time we'll just have to try harder.
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Being the weirdest thing going on at Manuel's is pretty challenging goal, I'd like to see you try that sometime.
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