July! July! July!
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Sun July 17 at 7:00 PM, Walnut Brewery
1123 Walnut St, Boulder, CO, USA (Map & Directions)
Hi! I'll be in Boulder for the entire month of July and I want to meet you all. Let's get together and do stuff. What say, Sunday, July 17th to kick off the fun? 7pm, Walnut Brewery.
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I'd probably be up for something sooner, but I definitely want to go to this workshop on Wednesday, July 27. (Assuming I can figure out how to signup, or whether I am ok to just show up.) What do you think about doing something that night?
posted by ansate at 7:12 AM on July 5, 2011

Welcome ansate! I leave town this Saturday return the 17th, but would be happy to meet up at another time.
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Hi ansate! Are you a linguist, too? Are you also attending the LSA Institute? I'm planning on attending that workshop as well. I emailed the coordinator(s) and they got back to me quickly saying that I'm in. If you're not an Institute attendee, I'm not sure how it could work, but I think it was addressed in the FAQ. I'm trying to head out the door (to pick up my registration packet and check out the campus...I'm already an hour and a half behind my plan for today, ack) but I will be back online later to check out this thread and try to cobble together a meetup plan.
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cyndigo, we'll plan another something after the 17th as well I'm sure!
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iamkimiam - where in Boulder are you staying? I actually live right near downtown (in Martin Acres, south of campus).

If you are up for cheap ($2 pints) beer and tavern grub, I can hook you up anytime with relatively short notice. Gimme a shout!
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I'm available on fri and sat nights from about 4:30 onward. I'm also willing to do stuff on sunday morning/afternoons. I could also do a weekday afternoon as long as it wasn't too late.

Would a meetup that involved an outdoor activity appeal to anyone, MTB/hiking or whatever?
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Outdoor activity would be great! How about this Saturday afternoon, with food/drinks meetup afterwards in the evening? Any suggestions where? (While I do love bread and beer, I'm gluten-free, so a place with other options as well would be great.)

fyi, I'm staying in the holiday neighborhood, which is at Yarmouth, between Broadway and 19th. I have a free bus pass all month and will be looking at a bike off craigslist on Saturday, so hopefully I'll have calorie-burning wheels soon. Although, I'm finding I'm having to take it just a little easy on the exercise and drinking so far...I'm not acclimated to the heat and altitude yet! But soon I shall be conquering mountains and drinking away all my worries.
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Fletch, the mister and I are going up to Winter Park this Saturday to do the MTB race up there but other than that I can't think of any real conflicts. We usually get home around 6 PM.

Weekday evenings are good for me anytime after 6/before 10. I live within stumbling distance of the Southern Sun (home) and Avery (work) brewpubs. As a bonus I have an Avery sponsorship thru my race team this year so can probably arrange for $2 pints for any rounds I buy :)

Avery also now has a system set up whereby you can get dinner (standard pub grub, but quite tasty) ordered directly through your table server. No more having to run across the street or whatever.
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oooh oooh oooh so gluten-free = WINE BAR!!! Alba Ristorante (northern Italian place) has a fantastic wine bar, a great easily-accessible location (it's right next to McGuckins) some stellar tapas in an assortment of dietary preferences, and best of all FREE PARKING and lots of it!

So okay the one drawback is that there isn't much of a view; the outdoor seating looks out onto McGuckin's parking lot, but the food is great, the wine selection is superb, they do have some decent beer options available, and they are almost never so busy as to be noisy or require a long wait.
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I have to drive down to Golden on Saturday mornings to mess around with interferometers and stepper motors. I think Sundays would work best for me too.

I don't have any special dietary requirements so any place is ok. We could meet up earlier and noodle around the bike paths in Boulder if anybodies interested. Also, I have many bikes if you want to borrow one for the meetup.

Perhaps Walnut Brewery?
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I have all afternoon/eve tomorrow still free, if any MeFites want to do anything. If Sunday is better, I could meet y'all at Walnut Brewery after 6 (I'm in a workshop until 5 every Sunday)? What do you think?

I would so take you up on a bike-borrow offer if you got it...it's been friggin' IMPOSSIBLE for me to buy a bike here! (And it's so frustrating because this place is so bike-friendly! ... or so she's observed from the bus.)
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I realize that read wrong...I was only hoping to borrow a bike for our ride. And I was more generally expressing my frustration at not-bike-finding, separate from the ride. :)

If nobody has objections, I'll go ahead and attempt to call the meetup for tomorrow night (Sunday) at 6, Walnut Brewery? We can always change 'n announce if need be.
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Gosh, this linguistics summer school is kicking my butt with homework! Turns out I need to meet with groupworkmates before Monday and tomorrow night is the only time we can all make it happen. How's about we either reschedule the meetup for *next* Sunday at Walnut Brewery, 7pm (I have a workshop until 6)? This will give people more time to find out about the meetup, and hopefully join!

Also, if anybody wants to meetup (or wants me to plan a day meetup) for next Saturday as well, I would be most amenable to that!
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Er, strike that 'either' in the third sentence. I'll update this meetup thread's details too.
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Things just aren't working out for tonight. I have become free next sat morning though.
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I can maybe do next Sunday. Maybe. As in haven't discussed it with Mrs TheCat. But maybe.
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Next Sunday, yes! Would be great if we could make this happen!
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(and by 'next', I mean 'this', the 17th)
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I might be in Boulder that day, anyway, so I might be able to come! I won't know until later this week, though.
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I might end up in the AUE for a week, I'll know for sure in the next few days.
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that would be UAE...
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I'm going to Abu Dhabi on Monday afternoon. I'm not sure if I can make it Sunday evening but I'll try.
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Hrrmm. If nobody thinks they're gonna make it, should we reschedule for another date/time? If that is the case, there is a workshop dinner that I'll go to instead tomorrow night.
(If you can make it, do let me know and I'll be there! ... I could go either way at this point.)
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I won't be able to make it, since my plans to be in Boulder earlier that day fell though. :(
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Going to let this one expire and try to start a fresh, new meetup proposal thread soon.

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