Pittsburgh Summer meetup -- Part Deux
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Thu July 7 at 7:00 PM, Cantina (?)
3720 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (Map & Directions)
Hi Pittsburgh MeFites! I like your city. I'm living here for eight weeks. Let's have a meetup.
Unfortunately for me, I arrived in Pittsburgh 2 days after your previous meetup so I've waited a suitable amount of time to suggest another one. I'm here until July 28, let's do a thing!

I've been to a few of the interesting drinking spots, but I'm not a local, so I think I'll let someone who knows the area better suggest a venue. Ideas?

My preference is for a Thursday night, as I won't be around for the next two weekends (July 2 and July 9). If weekdays are no good, the weekend after that (July 16) works.

So, the initial proposal: how about we get together somewhere next Thursday night, July 7?

UPDATE: Thursday night seems to work for people. Tentative location: Cantina - but feel free to weigh in and suggest something else.
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Thursday sounds great. I don't know where most Mefites live around here but I'd be good for the entire Lawrenceville-Garfield-East Liberty-Bloomfield-Friendship area. Thinking about acoustics and seating, Brillo Box might be a good place to have it (checked the calendar, no events that night).

Alternatively, Remedy has a huge back room that we could take advantage of, as does The Cantina (both in Lawrenceville).

Just throwing out suggestions; I'd be happy to hear what other Pittsburghers think.
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Bummer, I'm going to be in Hershey that night, otherwise I'd totally try and charm you all into buying me birthday drinks (even though my birthday's not until the next day) at my first meetup.

So I'm just going to secretly going to cross my fingers and hope that you all plan something for another night when I'm less stuck in the middle of the state.
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I'm down in Morgantown, but I've thought about attending a Pittsburgh meetup since I moved here last year, so I'm commenting here just to keep in the loop and see if I can attend. I'm busy enough the next few weeks that my schedule shouldn't be taken into account for planning, but if it gets scheduled on a day I can come, I will.
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I'd love to come, but I'll be out of town that night. July 2nd would work for me, as would the weekend of the 16th.
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I'm game for the 7th, preferably somewhere on the east side of the city - amicamentis seems to have good ideas.
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I'd also be in for next Thursday - or any Thursday. My weekends are also already booked.

I live in Shadyside, so the Friendship/East Liberty area would be great for me, as I'll probably have to bike/bus.

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The 7th would be tentative for us, with much more flexibility around the 16th. We missed the last meet up due to a last minute family thing, so will be keeping an eye on this... :)

Is there a patio at the Cantina? I seem to remember hearing about it but we've never been there in warm weather. (Otherwise, we're completely flexible geographically.)
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I'm pretty sure that I could find my way to the east-end on a Thursday evening.
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I don't remember the Cantina having a patio.

The Library on Carson street has a patio on the second floor. It's usually pretty quiet on weekdays and there are after-hours snack-type specials.
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speaker list and details: http://dorkbot.org/dorkbotpgh/


I live in Regent, but I'm relatively geography-agnostic.

Most of the bars on Braddock have outdoor seating, but they all double as the smoking section. Ryan's has an actual covered patio; D's, the Map Room, and the others have cafe tables on the sidewalk. The same is true of both Silky's in Squirrel Hill and Bloomfield.
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Do you all mean the Round Corner Cantina? It has a charming patio, but last time I was there (which was lunch on a Sunday), the music was too loud for conversation. On the other hand, they have really, really good fish tacos.
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Ok -- it seems like next Thursday works for a critical mass of people, so I'll set the date. (To those who preferred the later weekend: sorry!)How does 7:00 sounds to people?

There hasn't really been much discussion of venue aside from The Cantina, which sounds fine to me but I figure I'll let others weigh in on their preference before confirming that location.
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Oh wait. It looks like I need to add a venue as well as a date. For now, I'll set the venue as the Cantina (just because its been discussed the most) but we can change that to whatever. Looking forward to meeting you all!

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I've heard about the Cantina many times and have never been there, so sounds good to me. Will continue attempting to drag a couple others along, but it'll probably be just me.
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May be able to come, if I can work out the logistics of someone watching Toddler theBRKP.
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So we are on for tomorrow at the Cantina. Great! I'm excited to meet you all. Will people be able to get there by 7:00?
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Yes, I will definitely be there by 7:00. I work on Smallman Street, so getting to the Cantina is pretty easy. I'll be wearing a pink iridescent crystal pendant.
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I'll be there and probably my wife too if she can get off work in time.
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Just realized that I can make this after all. Since I neglected to bring my good bike lock with me to work, I just hope no one steals my bike while I'm there!
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I should have no problem getting there by 7, coming from downtown.
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I might be there, but late.
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Hey everyone, thebigredkittypurrs and I are at one of the concrete tables on the porch. Im wearing a blue shirt and jeans (very descriptive, I know). See you soon.
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Boo. I think it's too late for me to head out. I'll catch you all next time!
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That was fun! Sorry you couldn't make it, Alison. Next time, banjo night on the North Side...
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Yeeeees! I love banjo night!
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For those who didn't get a card, here's (finally!) the information about Obscure Games I promised:
Obscure Games brings people together through play. We find, invent, and play strange, new, and obscure sports and games, favoring player interaction over competition. We play our games, we play other people’s games, we play games pulled from antiquity, change rules as we see fit, and usually forget to keep score.
This summer, we are playing the award-winning Circle Rules Football and other games every Wednesday before Citiparks Movie Night at Schenley Park's Flagstaff Hill, across the street from Phipps Conservatory--look for us just down the hill from the ultimate frisbee teams.
We also play assorted other games on Sundays at 4pm at Mellon Park--look for us in the southernmost corner, on Beechwood Boulevard near the driveway Google calls "Shadycourt Drive".
During the winter, we move indoors and play an assortment of board and card games, again some new, some old, and some made up on the spot, usually at Hambone's in Lawrenceville, and we love to bring games to offices and special events.

If you'd like to learn more, find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, get on the list, or drop us an email.
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