One morning only - MostlyBeans in Houston 7/17
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Sun July 17 at 11:30 AM, Backstreet Cafe
1103 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
After much discussion, brunch it is! We will meet up at Backstreet Cafe at 11:30. Cause we'd like to make a reservation, if you are planning on coming please click yes so we can have an accurate head count.
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It's probably Houstonians, now that I think on it. As a native Franklinite, I must say, I like Houstonites better.
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Yay! There are lots of weird/delightful bars and good Mexican food right down Main Street (a short drive, not a walk), if any of this sounds good. If you want a more full-service or upscale bar experience, there are other options (Haven, T'afia, for example, are restaurants with good bars). If you're suggesting drinks, I don't think people will care if you call us Houstonites.
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I like the idea of a taqueria, as suggested by *s, and I would additionally suggest the Montrose location of La Tapatia, on Richmond Ave., for yes, the food and liquor, but also for the usually-incredible people watching.
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I was just dropping in here to see if we'd made any more official plans now that the moment is upon us! My boyfriend is returning from a month abroad and so I am planning to see him on Friday night. So the suggestion of Sunday Brunch is much more to my personal liking if that's still on the menu. Please to be advising. Once we figure out a time/date, we have plenty of awesome spots to suggest.

Will you be en-vehicled while you are here?
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It seems that Sunday brunch it is! Any good ideas for where to have it? We will be en-vehicled, which should make things easier.
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So many good brunch spots.

First and foremost is Hugo's which is a bit pricey at $27/pop but it is sooooooo good. Gourmet Mexican. With live music. All you can eat. Delicious. Omg. I'm drooling.

But even if we don't want the Cadillac of Houston brunch, there are so many others.

Brasil is good. And there's The Hobbit Cafe, which is kitschy but fairly whatever. The Daily Review Cafe is nice and has a pretty garden. And I can also do some research and find out what is good these days.
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It is hard to turn down 'sooooooo good.' If no one objects, Hugo's might be the place to go.
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I'm a total fan of Hugo's, but a little intimidated by quantity and price. Can I suggest Hugo's other restaurant, Backstreet Cafe, as a less-pricey but still supergood alternative? It's in an old house and really sweet.
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Backstreet sounds like a great alternative. Shall we say Backstreet Cafe tomorrow at 11:30?

Going once, going twice...
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Have always wanted to try backstreet. Sounds great. We should get a fast headcount and call ahead with a reservation. I doubt it will be absolutely necessary but proprietors and propriotrixes get huffy about random groups that show up for brunch.
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Probably won't be awake by then - but I'll catch y'all at the next one!
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I have four. Anyone else? Anyone? Hello?
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I memailed Mexican Yenta.
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Another friend of ours who's also down here for the wedding might join us. I should know in about an hour or two if she's in.
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Count me in! Thanks, *s, for the memail!
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Our friend will be joining us, so I added a guest to the list.
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Sadly I have to pass on this event, thanks to creeping crud. Have fun, and sorry to have to miss out on this. I do so love to brunch.
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Silly politikitty, you can't fool me.
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There's valet parking in front for the heat sensitive and street parking behind and to the left of the restaurant on side streets for the valet parking averse.
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Called ahead, and wasn't able to make a reservation for our preferred time. The hostess suggests that at 11:30 there will be approximately a 30-45 minute wait. So we should be prepared for that. I'm going to try to go a little early just to try to get us on the list. If all else fails, Tila's is right across the street and I've been impressed with their brunch and lack of crowds. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.
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A 30 minute wait? So, what? We're going to have to like stand around and TALK to each other? Urgh.
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I should be there in about 5 minutes.
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Success and fun and brunch and friendly meetings! YAY!
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