Maui between June 28 and July 6?
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I'll be in Maui for a wedding June 28 to July 6.
(Wedding is on July 4 in Lahaina). I'm hoping to get a campsite at Olowalu, but might end up someplace else.

Anyone on Maui want to grab a beer that week? Or come hang out at the campground if I'm allowed to have guests? Or sit on the beach?

Yes, I know. Maui is big. I don't know where to suggest we have a meetup, but I'd love suggestions!
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Hi there bilabial. I live in West Maui and I never thought there would ever be an opportunity for a Mefi meetup here! I'm not a prolific contributor to Metafilter but I really love the site and have been a regular lurker for many years.

I'd be down for a beer somewhere. If its in Olowalu at the beach, I might bring my wife and little kids so they play around while we have some beers and enjoy the view. If you want a bar in Lahaina, there are different of options, it's really up to what kind of place you want.

Let me know what date works for you or anyone else who might be interested. I'm on summer break for teaching so any day is pretty good for me.
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