A few of us are meeting up in STHLM.
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Thu June 9 at 8:00 PM, babajan
Katarina Bangata 75, 116 42 Stockholm, Sweden (Map & Directions)
A few of us are meeting up in STHLM. Yep!
So, yeah! We're doing Babajan at about 20:00 (8:00 pm). Feel free to still contest time. But we're on for Thursday evening.

*Please nevermind posted time, if it screws up.
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I would gladly have met up for a coffee/meal/hangout/guided tour but at the moment I'm out of town, ensconced in the countryside (Öland) and getting my vegetable patch under way. Pity.
posted by jan murray at 2:14 PM on June 6, 2011

I'd be up for a fika or a meetup after work any day this week except Wednesday evening. On Södermalm we could meet at Cafe String for a coffee, or at one of the restaurants named in the thread, e.g. Hermann's (they have hammocks!) or Babajan.
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I'd be up for something any evening/night from tomorrow and on. I'm planning to see a show tomorrow, but would rather hang out with some mefites :). But as meijusa can't on wednesday evening thursday or the weekend then?
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How about Thursday evening at Babajan? Sounds fun to keep it in the family. Besides, I walked past it yesterday and it looks really great.
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great! I can be there any time on Thursday evening.
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Beautiful! Us two and we confirm it. Let's say 8 pm. (But if it needs to be 7ish, that's cool too.)
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That's 20:00. Doh.
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I think I can do that :)
Should we make any effort to memail "nearby mefites" and point them to this thread? I would have never seen it.
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Sure! The more the merrier. Looks like meijusa is in...
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Did so. Most seem to have not been active in nearly a year (or 3). Feeling like the only living boy in new york right about now.
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Welp! I'll see you! Bring the kiddos if it's not too late. You can meet my other American friends living here too.
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Wow, meetup in Stockholm! I've never met a living mefite and would really like to come. A bit busy tomorrow evening though, but will try to drop by a little bit later.
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Do pica, seriously! *If* it should happen that we go somewhere else before you get there we will leave a note in the bar.
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I probably won't be able to get to Babajan before something like 22 or 22.30. Could be much later as well. But I'll be in the area anyway so I'll drop by and see if you're there or have left a note.
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Cool! I have to get to bed a reasonable hour as my flight is 1030 am, but I'd love to see you, pica! Also, I think rpn is coming, so yay.

I wish I'd brought my silly mefi shirt for identification purposes, but I'll be the tallish redhead girl and I'll be there at 8.
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Yeah, we did it! I expect to be sent the notes from each *monthly* STHLM meeetup from here on out. I love you guys! Eg elska thig! (That's sort-of Icelandic, but it's the best I can do.) Love! If anybody comes to NYC ever, my (and Mefi's) time is yours.
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Thanks all for a lovely evening was great to meet youse! Have a safe trip home functionequalsform and I hope to see you in NYC.
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Thanks to you, functionequalsform, we Stockholmers did it. A meetup. Was it the first?
A fun evening anyway.
Hoping to see some pictures despite

"As years go by, those camera lie
Thats not the way I look.
Not inside where dreams reside
Read my wrinkles like a book"
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That was really nice! Thanks, functionequalsform!! We'll try our best with the monthly meetups, but you might have to fly in from time to time to confirm. jan murray, that's a beautiful sentiment.
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Had a great time last night, thank you all. We'll have to try to have more meetups :). I've added my photos now.
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Didn't make it last night, tyvärr. But this talk about more Stockholm meetups sounds great!
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rpn, those pictures are awesome! :)
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