Being a Buckeye - Somali edition
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Wed September 15 at 7:30 PM, Solay Bistro
2501 Rte 161, Columbus, OH, USA (Map & Directions)
Let's go eat Somali food at Solay Bistro! Sept. 15 at 7:30. Optional ice cream to follow. Note: the address on the map is not right, but it's close to the intersection of 161 and Cleveland Ave, apparently.
I'm moving to Columbus, know nobody other than my advisor, and would love to meet some Mefites from Columbus (and learn from them what the proper collective noun to refer to folks from Columbus is).
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I say Columbusians. Sometimes CBusers. :)

Personally I'll be in town after Labor Day, so essentially any day after the 12th would work best for me. I think I suggested the Blue Danube last time, which is near Clintonville.

As an aside, columbus underground is a great resource for finding out what's going on around town.
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We've had what, three proposed-almost-meetups in Columbus this summer? I think the beginning of the school year would be a great time to make this really happen. I'll try to get over my first-meetup awkwardness and show-- I'm right by the 'Dube.

My mother told me to say "Columbusites", but that's a bit awkward and my mother has been known to be wrong.
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I'd be up for one. I'm getting more active on MeFi and I'd love to meet a few locals.

Depending on what people are interested in doing, CU is a great resource, and there's always the option of "Let's go invade Jeni's..."

If a lot of people are in Clintonville or around campus, maybe somewhere like the Clintonville Northstar cafe?

FWIW, I usally just say "Hey, Columbus people." :)
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I'll be back in Columbus on Sept. 1, so the timing should [finally!] work great for me.
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Yay! Well, I'm up for anything. I know that I hear fancy and wonderful things about Jeni's, and at some point in time I want to try Somali food. That can wait, though, and I've heard really good things about the Northstar Cafe. How does getting dinner and/or ice cream on Sept. 15 (Wednesday), 16 (Thursday) or 17 (Friday) sound?
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Also, what is the 'Dube?
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Northstar is great, but not a good location for a meetup -- it can get really crowded and I don't think it's a good space for large groups. Ice cream sounds best to me!

Blue Danube = the 'Dube
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Dube = Blue Danube, a bar / eats place near campus. Iconic, but not always great for groups either. Any of those days are good for me.

If you're looking for a Somali place, I went to Solay Bistro a few nights ago and it was very, very good.
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I'm in!
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Well, how do you all feel about going to Solay Bistro? It doesn't look like we'll be expecting huge volumes of people, so we probably wouldn't overwhelm them.
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I've never been to Solay, but I'm down to try it out. Any of the days mentioned should work for me.
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I'm good for that, if people are OK with African over ice cream. :)
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Ice cream can happen post-Somali? Or! We could have more than one meetup!
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Your ideas intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to your brochure.
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I'm cool with Solay :)
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Whoa, is that map right? That's halfway to Mt. Vernon. The address I have for Solay Bistro is by 161 and Cleveland Ave.
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The map is wrong. The Bistro is at 5786 Columbus Square Columbus, OH. 43231 - it's in the Columbus Square shopping center near the Columbus Bowling Palace.

Aaron - where are you coming from? I can try to give reasonable directions.
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OK, I tried to fix the map.

I'm assuming buses go out thataway?
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I'm coming from Clintonville- I figure I can find my way OK, just making sure I wasn't completely misguided on the location.
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Chura: Yes, in fact, there's a COTA stop right there at Cleveland Ave. and 161. Unfortunately, COTA's website seems to be down so I can't tell you the route number, though. I'd keep an eye on the COTA site (once it's back up) to get info.

Not 100% sure how late the buses run there, though. If you're coming from campus and Aaron's coming from clintonville, maybe a carpool?
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Here is a bus route to get there from Campus. It looks like buses back run about every hour, and there's one leaving at 11:15. That's a real pain of a bus ride, though, unless you'd already be downtown. An hour on the bus seems a bit silly to me.

I'd be happy to give a ride, but I'll be on a motorcycle- not the most passenger-friendly transportation device. If you don't have a car, Chura, I'll see if I can find one to use that day.
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I'd be happy to drive anyone from the campus area!
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Aw, metafilter for the win! A ride from someone would be great. I have no car and do not yet trust my bicycling enough to do it. I can be in the campus area, or Clintonville.

I've got the warm and fuzzies. As long as this isn't a front for people from the internet to kill me in a vehicle.
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... ha, ha... why, no... of course not... >.>

:) We can figure out details closer to the date. If anyone else needs a ride, feel free to join the carpool. I have space for a few.
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I'm happy to drive, too, but I'll be coming from Hilliard, so I'd be better for people looking for a ride from the West Side, Hilliard, or Dublin.
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Shoot - I'm moving to Columbus on Sept 8th, but we're out of town again on the 15th (backpacking trip before school starts). If the date gets moved I'm in, otherwise, I'm looking forward to meeting you guys at the next one.
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As it turns out, I may be able to attend after all...
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Hey guys, I don't know if anyone's checking this but I'm now in Columbus and found out my roommate will be gone ALL WEEK. If anyone wants to join me as I explore Columbus in the meantime, send me a memail :-)
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I must have been to that shopping center millions time and there a Somali place hiding there?! Cool, I'm in.
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Don't forget - this is tomorrow! :)

And, er, sorry, Chura, I didn't check the threat so I didn't see your post!
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No worries!

I'm really excited :-) See you all tomorrow! I'll try to call to make a reservation today (or at least alert them to the fact that there will be 6-8 people showing up tomorrow at 7:30.
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Sweet! Can't wait to see you all.
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It's last second, but I plan to be driving through Columbus around this time. I may stop by Solay Bistro around then.
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Awesome! The more the merrier!
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Had a really great time! Thanks, guys! We should absolutely do something else soon. :)
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It's nice to meet everyone. Thanks!
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I had a great time! I'm definitely up for more meet ups, especially ones involving more delicious food.
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Good times!
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Thanks, guys! That was awesome. I look forward to seeing some of you at Mad Men on Sunday!
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