Back in Chicago
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Thu June 30 at 6:30 PM, The Boiler Room
2210 N California Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Beers, pizza, drinks, at the Boiler Room!
Previous post: I am heading back to your awesome city this July, arriving sometime around June 30th, and flying out on July 12th. I will be out exploring Wisconsin in the middle of that time, but probably anytime between the 30th and the 2nd, and the 10th to the 12th, I'll be within city limits and looking to cause some trouble with you all.

Has it been almost two years?
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Also, if someone has a couch to spare for a night or two on the 30th/1st, I will trade you some Portland beer in exchange for letting me crash on it.
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We have monthly meetups the first Wednesday of every month (which reminds me, someone should probably make a post for next week's meetup), so July's would be on the 6th. People might be down for some auxiliary meetup action if you're in Wisconsin then.
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On Sunday, July 10 I'll almost certainly be at the Chicago Ice Cream & Gelato Fest, which might make an excellent auxiliary meet-up or corollary to an auxiliary meet-up.
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You need a couch? We can most likely do a couch for you. Drop me or Baniak a memail, or we can just figure it out when we're in PDX. :D
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I'm up for an auxiliary meetup. We also have an aerobed in a spare room if necessary. And reeeaaaally like beer.
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Ok! I had a chance to talk to the girlfriend (who I am meeting in Chicago and then heading all over Wisconsin with), and it looks like the night of the 30th (I land at 5:20pm, if I don't get picked up by a tornado) would be the easiest night.

I'll be coming back through Chicago sometime on Monday, 7/11, if that works better for a meetup.

(Or we could have meetups both nights).
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What's Wisconsin, chopped liver? I'm in Milwaukee, I bet we could drag quin and drezdn out for an evening.
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Wisconsin itinerary is entirely in the hands of the girlfriend, who is currently cutting down dead trees in the Necedah wildlife refuge and doing controlled burns for wild fire prevention. As a result she is out of cell phone distance, so coordinating that part of the trip is kind of hard to do. I do want to visit Milwaukee and possible get to Bacchus, but first apparently Eagle River and various hiking is on the agenda first.

On the Chicago front, I ended up getting a hotel for the night of the 1st, at the Sax near the Billy Goat, if we just want to meet up there to start the evening on a friday night.

bibliogrrl / misskaz- lets keep in touch the closer to the events, i wouldn't mind bouncing around chicago as I will still need two places to stay on the 30th and the 11th it looks like.
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I realize it's old hat for you guys, but my flight is getting in at 5:20pm on 6/30, it appears to be a straight shot from the airport to the Billy Goat (or close enough), would that work as a meetup spot (or maybe some other venue in the neighborhood, along the blue line)?

Then we can has us some drinks and cheeseborgers and maybe I can convince someone to let me follow them home for the evening?
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That sounds like a pretty good plan on my end, mrzarquon.
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That works as a workable plan!
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This works!

Alternatively, the Boiler Room is just steps from a blue line stop (California, I think?), and has served as a successful auxiliary-meetup-spot in the past. I think. Too many PB&Js made the night slightly fuzzy. I have to pick up my parents from Midway later that night, on the 30th, so it would be significantly not-fuzzy this time.
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I realize it's old hat for you guys, but my flight is getting in at 5:20pm on 6/30, it appears to be a straight shot from the airport to the Billy Goat

It's not bad. (I live on the Blue, and fly more than most, so I know this drill.) It's about 35-40 minutes track time from O'Hare to Clark & Lake, and a short walk from there, about 5 minutes.

Assuming 20-30 minutes to get off the plane and get to the station, +10 if you checked bags, and then a 0-10 minute wait for the train to actually depart. So, worst case, 40+30+10+10+5=1 hour 25 minutes from your plane hitting the gate to you hitting the goat.

Obviously, being closer to the front and not checking bags can be a big help -- I can usually hit the platform at O'hare about 5 minutes after door open, but I've practiced this.

Hmm. I haven't bought the 6/30 ticket yet....maybe I can make this, but probably not, so personally, I'm all for the Goat on Friday 1-July.
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I'd do a Boiler Room meet-up. I work from home on Thursdays, so I probably wouldn't trek downtown for a Goat meet-up (though I realize it's more convenient for most people, so that's fine).
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I'd be up for trying out the Boiler Room on that Thursday (Friday night is already booked for me, sorry), if that works for other folks. Would we want to set the time for 6:30 or so?
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The Boileroom also works as a workable plan.
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I haven't been to the Goat in a year, hi guys!, but am totally up for Boiler Room. I'll keep an eye on this post.
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Woo, I took the resounding silence as no one had druthers about Boiler Room, so I've made it so.

Anybody live nearish there? I have tentantive plans to stay at the Kaz's, but they are an hour away from where I need to be Friday (near the loop).
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I live near there. I can talk to the BF and see how he feels about you crashing the night at our place. We have an extra bed and a super comfy couch. However, the place is VERY VERY bad if you have cat allergies. Because I have two adorable, super friendly kitties who I swear are everywhere at all times.
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I would be dead by now if I were allergic to cats.
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I'm in.
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mrzarquon, check your memail. Also, that is one CUTE cat!
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mrzarquon: when in Wisconsin, be sure to check out the Forevertron. It was a religious experience...
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No go for me: derby meetings galore that night. Glad you're back: have fun!
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Of course, business trip this week. Next time, mefites.
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Hey, this is happening THIS THURSDAY.

Can't wait to be back in Chicago, it looks like I will be back on Monday the 11th as well, if we want to do a secondary meetup or something.
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Hey, this is tonight and I've switched from maybe to yes!
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I have also switched from maybe to yes. Got paid today and am going to get my bike fixed as soon as Uptown opens, so I'll see you all at 6:30! Or maybe a little earlier!
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I am sitting at the Portland airport waiting for my flight to board in about two hours (hurry up and wait).
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I think Mark & me will stop in.
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I just realized I only know about half the people who are going to be there tonight. So, if I walk in and you already have a table and I don't know you, please come up and introduce yourself. I've got pink-streaked brown hair in pigtails and I'm wearing a dress with sharks on it, so I'll probably be hard to miss.
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I'm on my way on the train, I'll be the person with a sir rabbit tshirt and who is not used to humidity

Also luggage
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I'm at a big table on your right when you come in.
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Well that was the largest hail I've ever seen in my life.
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So, we got kicked out so that they could hold the wrap party for whatever the Indie film was that they were doing across the street. It has Sienna Miller in it! (thanks, everyblock)
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That was a hail of a good time.
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