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Sun May 29 at 3:00 PM, Madison Concourse Hotel, Room 629
1 W Dayton St, Madison, WI, USA (Map & Directions)
MeFites going to WisCon: I suggest we meet up during the Strange Horizons tea party, Sunday afternoon. Free light snacks and tea, hobnobbing with authors and editors.
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Can I come to this without being registered for the con? Is there a good place for me to bring the kid to look at people in awesome costumes, or is it not that kind of con?
posted by escabeche at 10:13 PM on May 20, 2011

This is not really a costume-y kind of con; I see very few cosplayers at WisCon. (Sometimes we dress up in nice outfits for the Sunday night awards event.) And although technically you could physically enter the party without registering for the con, you might face some awkward questions, since it's meant as a con event.

Maybe you could propose a Madison meetup outside the con hotel for the con weekend, so both local Madison residents and congoers could meet up? I don't know enough about Madison to know what to propose!
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This will be my first WisCon, but to the best of my knowledge it's not really a costumey kind of thing. Maybe we could meet up somewhere on the square during the weekend?

I think meeting at the Strange Horizons tea party sounds lovely, but I'm *really* keen to go to the deconstructing Doctor Who and madness in fiction panels, which are back to back and right in the same time slot as the tea party. Hopefully we'll run into each other during the con at some point!
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Count me (and the accompanying Boy) among the non-WisConners. We're right by the square but could meet anywhere.
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I'm in, and I'm going to Wiscon as well.
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I will be at Wiscon, and I would be happy to do this, but I will also suggest a Wiscon-alternate meetup. Any suggestions from the Madison crowd?
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I'll be at WisCon, and I'm not 100% sure what my Sunday schedule looks like, so count me as a maybe. I'll watch this thread, just in case the time/location switches. :)
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The fellow suggests Brocach (up on the Main St. side of the Square -- it's the Irish Pub on the Square that goes overboard in the Irishness, as opposed to Cooper's, which is run by an Actual Irish Guy). They have a couple of party areas upstairs that are decent and may work. Of course, they may already be booked, but it's worth checking out (and it'd be free with food).

I know we met at the Great Dane last time, but the downstairs area in the downtown Dane is pretty decent, and again they seem to have a fairly decent variety in the menu. It's an old standby for a reason.

Madison Sourdough, on Willy St., is verrrrrry tasty, as is Umami. Both are a little bit of a hike from the Square (across the street from each other in the 900 block of Willy St.) and subject to construction, but still easy to get to and awesome. Madison Sourdough is more of a brunchy/sandwich place, though.

Nick's on State St. is your basic old-time place with burgers and chicken dinners and pie and a bar. The food is good, although nothing to write home about, but the atmosphere is great.

Noodles and Company, both State St. and University Ave. by Hilldale, has private space.
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OH, and if y'all don't mind a little drive, I would really really really push Manna Cafe on Sherman kind of behind Oscar Mayer. AWESOME food and pastries and coffee-esque drinks, and they have a back room area.

If anyone would need a ride from the WisCon area (for any of these), we can pick you up.
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Some place a short walk from the Concourse would be best for people at the con, since they may have panels/events/scheduling that would make them show up a little early/arrive late. I know the Great Dane, but the Brocach sounds good to me.

I also suggest this in addition to the Strange Horizons party, for what it is worth.
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OK, so -- Strange Horizons party for the MeFites at WisCon, and somewhere else for those who are not going? Say, Sunday night? If so, where? I will suggest the Great Dane since it is fairly close, and I know where it is. If we are going to make alternate plans, it should be quickly....
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Hem, hem.

Any updates? Sunday at the Dane is fine with me.
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It's more likely than not that me and kiddo will miss this, but it is in everybody's interest that I observe that Brocach food is way better than Great Dane food, though Great Dane has a patio and Brocach is kind of a dim cavern.
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7pm? 6?
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Yeah, I'm missing this too, as I'm missing Wiscon entirely.

Thanks, cancelled flight. Thanks.
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OK. I will be at the Great Dane at 6:30. I will get a table for 6 for "MetaFilter" if you are planning on coming, please respond
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I am at Wiscon, and have not been checking MeFi while at Wiscon, and didn't find out about this until it was too late, and now I am sad. :_(

Have tickets for the dessert thing at 7:30 so 6:30 is kind of late for dinner for me...
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OK , the Great Dane is packed and horrible, so I am going to call this thing off, especially since we have no confirmed attendees.
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GenjiandProust, I'm glad I met you at the tea party. I'm sorry to have missed most of you; I asked some folks at the tea party whether y'all were from MetaFilter and got nearly 100% "who? what?" Should have organized it much better; my apologies.
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