Atlanta June Meetup
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Sat June 25 at 7:00 PM, Twain's
211 E Trinity Pl, Decatur, GA, USA (Map & Directions)
Atlanta June Meetup: Confirmed! We're going to Twain's.
Hello there Atlanta-area Mefites!

After our last get-together we said we'd like to do this quarterly if possible, and quarterly is next month. The only date that seems off-limits right off the bat is Father's Day (June 19).

Proposed venues that I recall from previous meetup threads (not inclusive because I'm not supernatural):
  • Manuel's (Poncey-Highlands): has a non-smoking room, no patio
  • Thinking Man (Decatur): smallish? unsure of outdoor seating arrangements here
  • Twain's (Decatur): lots of outdoor seating
  • Five Seasons (lots of locations): Comparatively pricey, has outdoor seating
So questions in order:

1) Who's in?
2) Where are we going?
3) When are we going there?

Looking forward to it!
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One vote for Five Seasons! Weekends are best, the only day that doesn't work for me right now is 6/4.
posted by litnerd at 8:23 AM on May 12, 2011

I will be in Vegas The 2nd weekend in June but am tentatively free for other weekends (barring Father's Day - Dad would probably love a MeFi meetup but I can't sell the rest of the family. Heh.)
Five Seasons is tasty but dunno how it is for the MARTA folks. I am partial to the Westside one but really any of these are fine :)
posted by pointystick at 4:05 AM on May 13, 2011

I'm in for pretty much any day. I love Decatur, but we met there last time, so I'm willing to venture farther afield.
posted by runningwithscissors at 6:06 AM on May 13, 2011

Weekends are best for me, but other days may work depending on the when and where. The only one of the restaurants listed that I've ever heard of is Manuel's, so I have no real opinion on any of the venues. Though I have to ask - outdoor seating, in June, in Atlanta? Have you the brainworms? But, if outdoor seating is what folks like, McCray's Tavern on the square in Lawrenceville has a neat roof top deck. The wife and I met some friends there a few months back for dinner and really enjoyed sitting on the roof and watching the world go by.
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We are moving to Decatur at the end of the month and would love to meet y'all (and thank everybody who gave us house-hunting advice). MARTA accessible would be cool for us, since we will really still be learning our way around.
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I'd like to come! I'm going out of town from about the 17th -27th ish though so I'm voting for early June if possible. And I'd like to see more of Decatur so maybe one of those options?
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Yay! I would love to meet you hydropsyche (and partner) and see everyone else again.
Decatur is easy for me to get to but THE WESTSIDE IS TEH AWESOME and not hard to get to on MARTA.

Westside: La Fonda? Chow Baby? Osteria del Figo?
Otherwise Thinking Man is a quiet place that's always empty (and the corn fritters are yummy.)
Twain's could be "our place," on the other hand!

Weekends are best. Can't wait!
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I'm game.
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I'd love to hang out with y'all again! Most of June's good for me except for the 10th, and the 16th through 18th (although you are welcome...nay, encouraged to come see me play at the Drunken Unicorn on the 18th).

I am down down down for Thinking Man--the outdoor patio is actually pretty nice and generally not ever crowded--but as we were on my turf last time, I can make a drive elsewhere.
posted by Maaik at 8:36 PM on May 19, 2011

Sounds good to me. Weekends are probably best.

I quite like Thinking Man and Twain's. Farm Burger and the Marley have outdoor seating and picnic tables between them. [/Decatur bias] I vote against Five Seasons, as I am cheap.
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nicebookrack, you say you're cheap, I say gas is expensive. Just saying.
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I'm in for the meetup. Pretty much any day in June should work. My vote is for either Manuel's or Thinking Man.
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you say you're cheap, I say gas is expensive. Just saying.

That's okay! What are some good places that are MARTA-accessible? Little 5 Points, Midtown? Looks like there's a Taco Mac near the Fox.

I should really know more about the Peachtree Center area as much as I've been to Dragon Con, but I always end up just eating in the mall food court...
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Ooh, the Peachtree Center station is a block away from Broad St. which has some really good cheap lunch places. Rosa's Pizza is good if you just want a giant floppy slice of something, and Ali Baba's has THE best falafel wrap in the city.

Not certain about good meeting places near there. Sidebar is kind of cool, but it's pretty small.
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Sidebar also has pretty crappy beer choices
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Yeah. Been forever since I've gotten drunk there before seeing a show at the Rialto. Don't rightly recall what I was drinking.
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I'd be remiss to not add that Twain's and others are walkable from the Decatur station. [/Decatur nerd]
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OK, I've been hanging back a bit but I suppose it's getting time to pull the trigger on a date.

Let's push it a little late, perhaps? And go with June 25th.

Given that everyone seems to love Decatur, and given that Twain's is walkable from MARTA, and given that at night in the dark if someone didn't want to walk, I'm sure rides would be offered, I'm going to say let's do this at Twain's.

I'll give it til Tuesday and then I'll make it real unless there is an outcry.
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That sounds awesome to me. Cheers!
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The time and location sound good to me. I lived in Decatur from '90 to '92, but haven't been back in that area more than a half dozen times since. It will be interesting to see how things have changed.
posted by ralan at 1:46 PM on May 26, 2011

Sounds good. 7 pm or so?
posted by runningwithscissors at 8:07 AM on May 27, 2011

Guys? 7pm at Twain's? RSVP and / or speak up so we know how many to expect.
posted by Medieval Maven at 8:40 AM on June 21, 2011

I'm out of town this weekend, turns out, so I'll catch you next time!
posted by runningwithscissors at 10:06 AM on June 23, 2011

I'm planning to be there, with my wife in tow. Will there be a place set aside, or do I just need to go table to table asking for people by their MeFi user names?
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We were outside last time - we'll see how that turns out, but at least myself or grabbingsand will be wearing a MeFi t-shirt.
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I may not be able to make it--I'm obliged today to attend a Baptist wedding (read: lots of Jesus, no booze).

Y'all have a good time. I won't be. /whining
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Pity you're gonna miss it, Maaik.
(Off-topic, sent you an email this last week re: the Cafe and maybe scheduling something.)
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I'd love to go... but I live in Peachtree City, and I don't have the car for tonight. Does anyone live in the area who can give me a lift?
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We are here, outside. Pink dress, grey mefi shirt. Not on the same person.
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I'm on my way! I live just up the road. Brown-skinned girl on purple bike. See ya soon!
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We had so much fun last night. It was so great to meet everybody and get lots of good info about Atlanta. Thanks to the Maven for the planning!
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We had a fantastic time meeting everyone from the Internet. Nice choice on the venue too - we'd never been there before, but were already talking about making plans to go back there on the drive home. Thanks to Medieval Maven for organizing things.

We're also going to try and make the Shakespeare play in September. Thank you grabbingsand for the little cards.
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Hey man, yeah got the email. Been busy at the station, so I haven't had time to come up with a proper response. In short though: interested, will talk soon.

Sorry I missed it! The wedding was in Rutledge and then we went out to dinner with my in-laws. Didn't get back into town until almost 11. Next time!
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Glad you guys could all make it! It was fun. I think Twain's is turning into the Unofficial Atlanta MeFi Meetup Spot, which is fine with me, actually. The beer's good,and it's bigger than Brick Store.
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Twain's for the WIN!! Tuesday is jazz night/open mic just FYI. They also have beers from all over the world if you didn't notice!!

Thanks to everyone who came out -- I almost flaked because I was really tired -- I've been chasing rugrats around a classroom for the past two weeks. I was STARVED for some adult interaction. I feel like I monopolized the conversation at my end of the table, but if you read the previous sentence(s) hopefully you will forgive me.

I love meeting up with "people from the internet"!! I especially love the confused look on peoples' faces when I tell them that that's what I'm doing. :)

Next time: late September?? Let's say yes!! hydropsyche and ralan -- WELCOME TO ATLANTA! It's a helluva city.

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