hangin out in Boston/Cambridge?
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Sun May 15 at 7:00 PM, Cambridge Brewing Company
1-2200 Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Hello! I will be visiting the Boston/Cambridge area from May 8-24 and thought it would be a good chance to meet some Boston mefites over a drink or a few.
I don't know the city super well and where I will be staying will be moving around a bit (South End, Brookline, Sommerville, maybe elsewhere), so I am open to suggestions for where to go. Also, suggestions for artsy/nerdy things to do on my own while in town are super welcome! I'll be increasingly busy toward the end of my visit, so the earlier the better.


UPDATE: Cambridge Brewing Company it is (or "CBC" as the kids call it), Sunday May 15 at 7pm.
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I can do this coming weekend. The Steampunk World's Fair is happening on Saturday and Sunday, and there's also the SoWa Open Market...do either of these sound interesting?
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I'm not sure I can get 16 days off from work and the wife to go drink. I certainly could make the time to show up to a single thing, though. Some ideas:

* Big City (Pool, good beer selection)
* Sunset Grille (Incredible beer selection, satisfactory food)
* Publick House (Good Belgian beers and food, can get crowded)

South End/Back Bay:
* J J Foley's (good, average sorta place)
* Wally's (tiny and divey, but a legendary Jazz bar)
* Bukowski's (on the small side, but a good selection and they have a wheel to spin for a random beer)
* Cornwall's (okay, this is Kenmore, but I love it. Pool and lots of British-style selection of beer. Good food, too)

* Sacco's (good bar, great flatbread pizza, and candlepin bowling all in the same place)
* Flat Top Johnny's/Cambridge Brewing (red-felt pool and locally-brewed beer, respectively)
* Christopher's (good bar, good food, have accommodated big MeFi groups more than once in the past)

I could keep going, but maybe that's a good start.
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I can probably make it to something either this weekend or the next. Long-term forecast for the weekend looks warm but with a slight chance of rain - we could try to find somewhere with outdoor seating.

There are plenty of questions in AskMe about things to do in Boston, but you might want to check out the MIT Museum. It also seems to be "Open Studio" season, so doing a search for "x open studios" for x ={Somerville, Cambridge, Boston, Fort Point} might yield some artsy stuff going on.
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MFA's regular exhibits are free on Wednesday evenings; ICA's exhibits are free on Thursday evenings.

For an Italian restaurant where the drinks are strong, the dishes are huge and cheap, the waitresses call you "Honey" and you are the youngest one there by far, try Greg's Italian Restaurant on the Watertown/Cambridge line. For the Best Chinese in the Cambridge/Belmont/Watertown corner, try Shangri-La. Both are on the #71 & #73 bus 6 minutes out of Harvard Square.
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I assume from the other IRL event that you're already familiar with the Cambridge Science Festival, which will be having its grand finale on the 8th; also that weekend, FAST LIGHT at MIT includes an all-new piece of Otto Piene sky art.

I am sad that I'll be out of town and missing Klezwoods and The Underscore Orkestra at Johnny D's in Davis Square on the 17th.

May 21 is the inagural Somerville Porchfest sponsored by the Somerville Arts Council, where local bands play on porches throughout the city (my band will probably be near the Prospect Hill monument).
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Oh hey, I'll be there too, but only for the end part. Our flight doesn't leave until Tuesday afternoon, so maybe something Monday 5/23 night? I figure we'll be busy with opera and family stuff over the weekend and the last performance is Sunday afternoon.
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If it's a weekend and after 5/11, I would be interested . . . I'm a meetup newbie so please send secret handshake in advance.
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I'd be down for something this Saturday or Sunday night, and possibly the weekend of May 14/15. MeFi meetup virgin...eek. Eek?
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Payday doesn't happen until the 13th for me, so I'd be up for that Friday or beyond. I think a Friday the 13th meetup would be pretty awesome. Especially when there's going to be meetup virgins. Muahahahah.
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an antitriskaidekaphobia meetup!
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I'm around in the evenings and this weekend and next. I'm down!
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I'm in! (Oh hey LA peeps, it'd be great to see you again!) Busy during normal work hours but I can generally get anyplace T-accessible in the evenings. Evening Wednesday 5/11 and Sunday 5/8 in the midafternoon are my only hard conflicts.


(I will try to think of artsy stuff to add to the list.)
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I like the idea of a 5/13 meetup! It looks like I will be in [consults schedule] Brookline then. Would any the places Plutor mentioned (Big City, Sunset Grille, Publick House) work out, or would they be totally slammed on a Friday?
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They all get insanely crowded on the weekends, and unfortunately I don't think the students are gone yet. Sunset Grille does have a sort of side room that may be able to accommodate us if we give them a heads up - I'm not sure what their reservation policy is.
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(hi athenasbanquet! long time/no see)

Not to clog up the works, but in addition to 5/13 I'd also be up for doing something 5/23 when mandyman is here.

Also thanks for the recommendations all, definitely gonna try and check out the museums and Klezwoods if I can... I wish I could do all the awesome stuff that seems to be happening this weekend but I have a feeling I might be too jetlagged for any of it.
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You've picked a beautiful time to visit Boston - aside from the threat of rain, of course. While you're staying in Brookline, I recommend just starting in Coolidge Corner and wandering down Harvard Ave in Allston to Comm Ave. It's not scenic, exactly - in fact, it's pretty urban - but it's an amazing mashup of different cultures. Japanese/Korean BBQ next to Russian grocery stores next to falafel next to thrift shop. But I'm weird and I like that sort of thing.

Because I've lived in Somerville and Cambridge for a while, I find it hard to think of things to do here - I'm used to them all. An afternoon in Harvard Square isn't a bad idea though and you can always go to a movie to extend it. I can come up with lots of Camberville restaurant/bar suggestions (and a few places to eat in Chinatown), but I'm not much help in finding places to meet in Brookline. That said, I'm happy to be introduced to a few - especially now that the weather is nicer for the trek across the river (or more accurately, the wait for the bus across the river).
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Publick House is basically next door to my apartment (yes, I am a lucky, lucky bastard). I could be there by about 6:15/6:30 and put our names in for a big group. How many people would we be talking about?

Matt Murphy's is also nearby in Brookline Village and awesome. They're on my walk home so same deal.

Stuff to do: Folks have covered most of the artsy/museumy stuff except nobody's mentioned the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum. Sowa is supposed to be badass but I haven't been yet. If you are futzing around St. Mary's stop in at Japonaise and get--well, get anything, but I particularly adore the an pan (buns with red bean paste inside).
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Hmm, the reviews on yelp for Publick House frequently mention the long wait, and a couple mentioned not seating parties until everyone is present, which worries me for a mefi meetup where people tend to straggle. Would Matt Murphy's be better in that regard?

If so, any objections to Matt Murphy's at 7pm on Friday, May 13?
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Hey! Hopping on a bit late but interested in this weekend (Sunday night, the 8th?) or this coming week. Leaving town for a bit on the 13th so will miss, sadly, any antitriskaidekaphobia meetups.

Also a meetup virgin; seconding AlmondEyes's eek.

BTW: Somerville's Open Studios are over, but Cambridge's is coming up.
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I will be gone on 5/13 (not due to fear of #13), but I wanted to encourage more use of the "whee" tag in IRL posts.

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Just saw this, thought of this thread for artsy/nerdy - Emerging America Festival this weekend - particularly "Grand Theft Ovid" and "Bellona - Destroyer of Cities".
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Yaaargh so apparently I totally lied and I am very much NOT available this Friday. However, the good news is that this Sunday 5/15 is totally clear. HOWEVER however, I will be in Cambridge then. So I am torn between:

SUNDAY May 15 7pm @ Matt Murphy's
SUNDAY May 15 7pm @ Cambridge Brewing Company?

Any preferences? Speak now or forever etc. etc. Sorry for the confusion y'all.
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Oh, Bellona looks verrrry interesting. There's also this karaoke thang on Thursday but I will be coming from a 3 hour rehearsal so I may or may not have the energy...
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We've had a couple meetups at the CBC and they've always been very accommodating. They'll take reservations for a large group, too.
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I suspect for this size group CBC will be a bit easier. So....maybe there?
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Sunday evening at CBC works for me.
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OK, I'm calling it.
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I think I can make it.
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Okay! I think I can do this, too.
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I'm going to try and make it. Anyone know what noise levels are like at CBC on a Sunday?
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Good question, I would like to know as well. Also, once there's an approximate headcount, should I make a reservation?
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OK, I'll make a reservation on Sunday morning based on the "attending" number up top at that time.
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So my flight which was supposed to be landing in Boston a few minutes ago has been delayed until who knows when. I can't make it, sorry. :-(
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Reservation is under "filter" - memail me if you'd like to be added or whatevs. Sorry to hear about your flight, quaker!
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Can't make it. Work. Have fun, guys - I'll try to be at the next one.
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Bah. I can't make it tonight -- homework deadlines are looming. Because I am No Fun.

Hopefully y'all are having fun.
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Tonight's CPH appearance has been cancelled due to tunneling brainworms. Hope everyone has fun!
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Well, shoot. I'll keep a closer eye on these city meetup things.
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Good times! Thanks to backseatpilot, maryr, athenasbanquet and AlmondEyes for coming out on a chilly rainy evening.
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Whee! indeed! This was totally fun.
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