Brunch meetup in New Orleans?
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I'm going to the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in New Orleans. Anyone want to get together between June 5 and 9?
I was thinking maybe a brunch or early afternoon meetup on Sunday, June 5, but am open to other ideas too.

I'm staying at the Prytania Park Hotel. If somewhere good is in walking distance, that's great. Otherwise, I might need help navigating public transit.
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(Also: If you're reading this thread, any help you can offer over in this thread would be mighty appreciated.)
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That hotel looks pretty close to Surreys, which is a great breakfast/juice spot. I don't think Surreys has booze though, which is sort of a feature of NOLA brunches. But their food is pretty good.
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Surrey's really would be the obvious choice, but if you're willing to hoof it a bit Stein's Deli is excellent for that post-Saturday night recoup-brunch. They've got great bagels and sandwiches, as well as a large beer/cider selection.
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I'm most likely available on that day, and would like to attend. I like Surrey's and Stein's both a lot. But as mentioned above, both are effectively dry - while Stein's sells booze, you can't drink on premises or at the sidewalk tables.

What about Tracey's? It's spacious and has decent poboys, but it is a bar rather than a restaurant so the under 18s might have trouble.

Or, what about American Sector at the WWII museum? Near your hotel and the convention center, booze, spacious enough to accommodate a big-ish group.
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Oh yeah or the Rusty Nail is a great suggestion from the other thread.
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Hmm... I can't eat bread, so sandwiches aren't very exciting to me. Surrey's looks fun. If people are up for it, we could wander to a place that would give us a beer afterward.

But ya know, you guys know your city better than I do. Speak up if you have a better idea. :)

I see two Surrey's locations startlingly close to my hotel. Which one are we talking about?

What time is good for folks? 11?
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I am going to x-post my suggestion for Cochon, which is very close and absolutely delicious. It is 0.3 miles from the convention center and the food is amazing. They also have Cochon Butcher (gourmet grocery, bar, and sandwich shop) right next door, just in case you have to wait a bit for a table.

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Looking back over these comments, I think I might have caused confusion by posting the two threads at once. I decided not to organize the thing from the other thread, but I'd still love to hang out with you all on Sunday if anyone is interested.

Cochon looks like it's closed on Sundays. Surrey's? Which one?
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Argh, probably booked up this Sunday. Have fun wherever you go!
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