Friday night dinner in Astoria at Mojave
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Fri April 15 at 7:30 PM, Mojave Restaurant
22-36 31st St, Astoria, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey, New York City, Let's have dinner in Astoria Friday April 15th at Mojave at 7:30 p.m. Show up on time so we can get a proper sized table! Afterwards, we can stroll over to Martha's for some delicious desserts. And then perhaps karaoke at Albatross?
They have outdoor seating, if the weather is nice (though it ain't lookin' good).
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Oooh sounds fun! I don't know Astoria at all so I'll just ask for near to a subway station.
posted by Salamandrous at 10:26 AM on April 11, 2011

The N Train and the R train go to Astoria, depending on where we can go.

I'd say Bare Burger but that is because I am a glutton.
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I haven't been to Bare Burger since the last meetup there. Those were good burgers, I'd be up for some gluttony.
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Ack! I am out of town until the 16th, otherwise I'd be in like Flynn.
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Alas, I'm in Puerto Rico til the 19th. Yay and boo.
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Let's go to Mojave! If it's nice, we can sit outside.
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I am in!
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Very easy to get to Mojave- take the N train to Ditmars Blvd, get off the train, and poof, you are there.
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If gaspode is attending, I will be there. Sorry, but I totally play favorites and she is one of them!
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Huh, you know, I never ate here even when I lived close to it. And no more karaoke at Albatross? =( Well, maybe another time.
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We can do karaoke after dessert!
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I think I will finally be able to make it to an NYC meet-up. Cheers!
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Yay karaoke!
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Ok, where are we going?
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Oops I see now, sorry!
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Oh crap, I just saw this is at 7:30 pm...I will have to be a maybe only because I'm usually leaving work around then =(
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Just to warn ya, it's very expensive, Mojave. $25-$30 entrees, and, unfortunately not very good (the shrimp quesadilla was very fishy). And the margaritas are premix. If you wanna spend that kind of dough, Agnanti or Taverna Scounis rock. For a more low key meal (and kick-ass mojitos and Cuban sandwiches), there's Fatty's. All on Ditmars, to the right or left of 31st. In between, in terms of price, is Koliba, a Czech place with enormous portions (I recommend the Spaetzel), just off 31st, one block below the Ditmars stop.

Anyway, if you do go to Mojave, Jon recommends the Punisher shot (habanero infused tequila). You have to sign a waiver.
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I will be there.
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Koliba! I've been there once, really liked the food and the atmosphere. We'll have to get there for a meetup sometime- maybe in the winter when a nice, starchy meal is so comforting on a cold day!
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Can't make dinner, but I might be able to come to karaoke.
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Damn it, I already made plans. This is my hood, so maybe I'll run into you MeFites on my way home. I've been intending to go to a meet-up for years now.
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And I'm not going to make it - my meetup to flakiness ratio is starting to be abysmal. Have a great time!
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Oooo.. and just having become re-addicted to MeFi, this would be great.. but kids crimp my ability to go out and socialize on Friday nights, or without much advance thought.


My flakiness rating is way higher than yours, Salamandrous.
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Is it hopeless to show up if I may be 30 minutes late? =( I hate when people ask this question in meet up threads, but I would like to come hang out.
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Not hopeless! Come!
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I'll try my best, but I might still be in the office for another 10-15 minutes or so =( so I may just have to skip it.
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Ok, TPS and I are here - we've got a table for 8, toward the back of the restaurant on the left by the window.
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I'll be there late.. catch y'all for dessert.
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We be drinking! Woo woo!
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About to leave Mojave, walk toward Martha's and then Albatross!
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As usual, it was a joy! Thank you, one and all.
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Thank you all, that was fun. See you again in another year or so.
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Stayed on and did "Road to Nowhere" after everyone left. I think MC Lauren liked it.
posted by brujita at 10:28 AM on April 16, 2011

I want Lauren Order at all our future meetups. She's awesome!
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