Bridgetown Comedy Festival - Tabor Lounge I Showcase
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Thu April 21 at 10:00 PM, Mt. Tabor Theater Lounge (inside, on the left)
4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
Jon Daly (Jon Stewart, Conan, UCB, SNL)
Solomon Georgio (Seattle)
Don Frost (Portland)
Paul Jay (LA, Biggest Mistake podcast)
Marianne Sierk (LA, Live at Gotham)
Keith Lowell Jensen (famous atheist)

Hosted by Mark Saltveit (Metafilter, palindromes)

Solomon Georgio (lanky, very clever queer Ethiopian Seattlite) and Don Frost (blue collar stream of consciousness improv) are brilliant. I haven't worked with the other comics.

Bridgetown is one of -- if not THE -- best comedy festival(s) in the U.S. 180+ comics in 120+ shows at several venues along Hawthorne Street over several days (April 21-24th, 2011.) Plus long-form improv, sketch and live podcasts. These are the best "comics comics", not necessarily the Seinfelds and Chris Rocks', but some will get famous and all are doing great work right now. Margaret Cho, Andy Dick, Doug Benson, Oscar Nunez, Jimmy Dore, and Hannibal Buress you might know, but also don't miss Kyle Kinane, Kristen Schaal, Brent Weinbach, Moshe Kasher, Hari Kondabolu, Nick Thune, Auggie Smith, James Adonian, or Don Frost either. [So as not to be overdo it, I'm editing this first event to cover the show I'm hosting on Thursday night, at 10pm. ]
A pass for all shows is $75, or you can buy tickets for individual shows ($10).
Other venues include the Mt. Tabor Theater, the Eagles Lodge, Bar of the Gods, Hawthorne Theater, and Tanker Bar.
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Are you saying that you're performing at the Baghdad at 8pm on 4/21? Or that that would be a good night to meet up? Or both?
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Actually, I'm not saying that, but thanks for a super excellent suggestion. 8pm at the Baghdad is just the first of 120+ shows. (I haven't figured out how to enter a multishow event on IRL.)

The precise schedule hasn't been posted yet, so I don't know when I'm performing. I am pretty certain it WON'T be that show -- I'd expect Magaret Cho, Jimmy Dore, Hannibal Buress and Doug Benson or some mighty lineup like that at the grand kickoff. I am available and ready to serve if called, though, if Andy Woods is reading this.
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OK, the schedule is in. I'm going to add separate IRLs for my two events unless warned off.

There is no opening extravaganza single show -- instead, 4 different shows will start simultaneously at 7pm on Thursday, headlined (respectively) by Ryan Stout, Jimmy Dore and Kyle Kinane, Andy Dick, and Brent Weinbach.

(I am hosting two different shows, Thursday 10pm at the Mt. Tabor Theater Lounge, and Saturday 11pm at the Bar of the Gods.
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