Burning Man Meetup
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Wed September 1 at 4:00 PM, Burning Man Center Camp
Black Rock City, Imlay, NV, USA (Map & Directions)
Its your annual opportunity to get together with other MeFites to compare relative levels of sunburn, dehydration and dust inhalation. Held at Center Camp, so that we can argue endlessly about whether or not the sale of coffee violates the Ten Principles.
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I will be past the coffee and into wine time by then... but I will bring enough to share!
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Man, last time I tried to go to a Burning Man meet-up, playa time took over. I.E. "What day is it? What do you mean it's Friday? Oh shit, I forgot about the Mefite Meetup on Wednesday!"

I will TRY to remember.
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I will try as well!
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Center Camp is the whole circle at 6pm spoke. I presume you mean the Cafe tent, also trying to find someone at the Cafe is impossible. I suggest a few meeting points. Spoken word stage, sound booth, entrance near the archway or near the volunteer table. Music stage might be too loud to have it a meetup point.

I'm stage managing the Cafe stage therefore on time because I, sadly, will be wearing a watch on the playa.

You'll have more to bitch about, because we raised the price of coffee this year.
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MiltonRandKalman raises a good point; Center Camp is large enough that announcing that we'll be meeting there is kind of vague and unhelpful. Unfortunately, the last time I was out on the playa was 2004, and I typically avoid Center Camp like the plague, so I'm having a hard time remembering what it looks like. Any thoughts on what section of Center Camp would be best for meeting?
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Ok, I just got a MeMail from MRK, who suggested that we meet near the Spoken Word Stage at the Cafe in Center Camp. That sounds about right to me. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there.
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So... a late invitation from some friends means I am no longer camping solo in Mefi ground zero but will instead be at Camp Dark Sparkle, at 9:00 and D. We are a burlesque-themed camp and are hosting a couple of performances, one of which is at 5:00pm on Wednesday (the other at 5:00 pm on Friday). I expect I will be helping with setup and running the event in some way which probably means I can't make the meetup, or at least I won't be able to stay very long. I'll try but who knows. Come see the show once the meetup's done!
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I'm pulling a last-minute Burn this year but will make my best effort to make the meet. Just decided about a week and a half ago to attend ... so far I'm 2-for3, got my ticket and a new tent, just gotta figure out how I'm getting down there.

yeah and if anyone has room for another passenger, from somewhere in the Northwest (Vancouver-Seattle-even Portland) get in touch
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this is hilarious/telling and I thought I would share with you guys: How You Will Get Hurt at Burning Man.
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wtf 'Psychiatric Clients'? perhaps I should have seen a psychiatrist after the 05 Burn ... I remember walking around mid-afternoon on Friday, just coming up after ingesting some stuff, and seeing a naked dude ride by me on a bike with a big ol' smile and a big ol' erection. Disturbing, to say the least.

Anyways, I sorted my ride so see y'all down there. Unless, you know, shiny things, playa time, etc. take over.
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I'll be there too. I'll try and meet up for sure. If any mefi wants to come over to Funtown for some espresso, were at 3:30 and Playa, part of Illumination Village. Its my first years, but I'm with some pros, looking forward to the experience. Hope to see you there!

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Sorry, meant, 3:30 and Esplanade.
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So it's settled - Spoken Word Stage, then? I'm looking forward to meeting you all.
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Yes, Spoken Word Stage, Center Camp, Wednesday, 4:00 PM.

I am so excited about going, and so totally freaked out about the amount of work that remains to be done before I depart.
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SO... I showed up at the right time, wandered around and around the spoken word stage, asked "metafilter?" to random strangers, but alas, did not find any of you.
did anyone meet up?

this was my first burn. I am hacking playa and feel like death and honestly, the experience soared light years beyond my expectations. still mulling over my amazement.
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I managed to meet up with small_ruminant and (briefly) MiltonRandKalman, and also someone else who hadn't announced that he'd attend and whose name currently escapes me. In hindsight, Center Camp was a bad location for a meet-up, as it's almost impossible to separate the MetaFilter crowd from the other Burners. Next year, I'm thinking that we'll meet somewhere a bit more remote.

Glad you had an amazing first year. I have to admit, this year was a good one.
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also showed up (well, 10 minutes late), wandered around, hissed "metafileter?" to random burners around the spoken word stage, but got glassy eyed responses in turn. Oh well. Also hacking up playa lungs but great fond memories.
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heh. I remembered that night, so I went there at 4am just for the hell of it, thinking there might be some other mefite similarly confused. No luck. I say next year (not 100% certain if I'll be there, we'll see) we pick a random art installation to meet at. Or if someone is part of a particular theme camp and knows in advance where they'll be located.

Anyways, hope y'all had a great time out there.
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btw I've already got my pics up on my flickr if anyone's interested.
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Next time we should meet up in front of the speakers at Robot Heart at sunrise. Better chance of success that way. mannequito, too bad I didn't see you out there, had a blast and hope you did too!
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