Exercise together via videocall
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Thu May 12 at 7:00 PM
Come do a 25-minute novice-friendly workout session with me via free videocall. (I'm hosting a few of these; feel free to join any or all.) 7pm US Eastern Time.
This will be a 25-minute session where everybody does a light exercise video together via the magic of the shared embedded YouTube player. Videocalls -- camera on or off, your choice.

Starts with 5 minutes of checkins and "what are you ok with doing today?" setup, getting a glass of water, making sure you have a chair and some room to move around, turning your camera on if you're ok with that
10-15 minutes for the exercise, e.g., a chair-based workout video suitable for people who do not exercise much
OPTIONAL: A few minutes for "how was that for you?" Length, intensity, movement complexity, instructor demeanor, etc.? If you are interested in doing something like this again, what to keep/change for next time?
Whoever wants to can stick around for more chitchat and stretching

For me, the pre-scheduled commitment to other people makes it more likely I will show up, and seeing each other through our cameras nudges me into trying to move along with the video (or doing some kind of substitute movement if the video's suggesting something too hard). Example.

I will host this meeting on Whereby.com, a videoconference platform you can visit in a web browser on mobile or desktop. You don't have to make an account to participate in the call. If you RSVP by like 10 minutes before the meeting then I will MeMail you the URL.

I usually use a sports-type wireless Bluetooth headset so I can hear the video better, and stand on a yoga mat.
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The maybe is because I am an east coaster and it's always a question of whether I'll be willing to wake up for 7am or sleep in until just before I have to log in for work. If I can haul myself out of bed, it'll be perfect timing for workout, morning shower, and then leisurely breakfast, work ramp-up.
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This particular session is actually scheduled for 7 in the evening, not 7am!

But I agree that 7am is a great slot for working out when feasible. I live in New York City and have a friend in Europe, and sometimes we do videocall workouts at like 7am or 7:30am my time, which works for him as a break around lunch.
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Only Karmakaze has RSVP'd for this, so I'm assuming that no one else is interested in participating - please RSVP and comment in the next ~3 minutes if you're interested.
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I see no one is joining so I'll consider this particular meetup concluded.
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