Exercise together via videocall
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Sun May 23 at 9:00 AM
Inspired by the conversation in a fitness-related front page post: come do a 23-minute novice-friendly workout session with me via free videocall. 9am Eastern Daylight Time.
I'll send the videocall link via MeMail to the people who RSVP.

The structure will be:
  1. 5 minutes: Setup, getting a glass of water, making sure you have a chair and some room to move around, turning your camera on if you're ok with that
  2. 10 minutes: Exercising along with a chair-based workout video suitable for people who do not exercise much
  3. 13 minutes: the Hybrid Calisthenics (with Hampton) Day 1 Beginner's Home Workout, with wall push-ups and leg raises
  4. 5 minutes (optional): How was that -- length, intensity, movement complexity, instructor demeanor, etc.? If you are interested in doing something like this again, what to keep/change for next time?
For me, the pre-scheduled commitment to other people makes it more likely I will show up, and seeing each other through our cameras nudges me into trying to move along with the video (or doing some kind of substitute movement if the video's suggesting something too hard).

Technical details: we'll be using Whereby.com which makes it easy to start a free meeting and to watch a YouTube video together (ad-free). The YouTube audio takes over and everyone else is muted, but you can still see everyone else's camera. Whereby works fine in the browser and you don't need to download a new app or plugin, or create a login account.

I usually use a sports-type wireless Bluetooth headset so I can hear the video better, and stand on a yoga mat.
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9am in what time zone? I'm down, but I won't be awake if that's EST.
posted by aniola at 5:05 PM on May 21, 2021

aniola: Not sure why IRL isn't showing the timezone but yes, Eastern Daylight Time. Maybe you could set up another instance in a time that works for you? If I can I'll join.
posted by brainwane at 5:39 PM on May 21, 2021

There's not enough traffic in IRL for me to set up my own instance. But I would probably come if I there's another one and I see it and it's a little later in the day PST. My day is flexible at the moment.
posted by aniola at 2:40 PM on May 22, 2021

This was great! I really enjoyed it and found it more strenuous than I'd expected. I'm definitely up for more of this!
posted by essexjan at 9:10 AM on May 23, 2021

Aw shucks just seeing this now, would have loved to join!
posted by iamkimiam at 11:55 AM on May 23, 2021

Thanks for joining me, essexjan!

iamkimiam, what days of the week and times of day are best for you? Would you be open to joining in on another Sunday around this time again, or a Wednesday sometime 7:30am-9am EDT (currently 12:30-14:00 BST)?

aniola: I mentioned in a thread on the blue that people interested in Pacific Time-friendly timings should comment here -- hope you and other people are able to set something up!
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