PDX are we ready to meet in person?
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Sat June 4 at 5:00 PM, bit house
727 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
I'm looking forward to IRL meetups - I'm proposing this one to test the waters.
Testing IRL.

I remember I used to talk to people and I'll bring whatever I have left of my conversation skills.
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May 21st. 5PM. Bit House? Back patio?
posted by bendy at 12:04 AM on April 26

I notice there's been a slight (or a bit more than slight according to the NYT) uptick in Multnomah County COVID cases lately, which I'm not thrilled about and will be watching for further developments. Also I may be out of town that weekend though my plans haven't finalized yet. I'll put myself down as a "maybe".
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Wait, in-person people talking? How does that work?

But seriously, I’d like to but I’ll be overseeing a Warhammer 40k tournament at my game store all day.
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I have houseguests getting into town that night, but I'm getting comfortable with in-person plans again as a rule (and considering my overall exposure / setting up a home testing plan as part of this).
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The last meetup I hosted only one other person showed up. I'll see if she can make it this time.

It's OK. I've been eating only meals that have been delivered to me for the last two years and I can't remember how to take the bus.
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Well, that particular weekend doesn't work for me because all of May is ?????? right now. But I'm moving to Portland (from Albany) in (hopefully?) May, and I'm excited to be closer to events and meet-ups and such-like!
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I look forward to meeting up when you get here dorey_oh!
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I changed the date on this since several people said that date was bad.
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I'm a maybe for the 4th!
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Also a maybe! It'll be the first Saturday after starting a new job, so will mostly depend on if I'm totally wiped out by then or not!

I've been working swing shift for years, new job will have me on a day shift for training. I'm more nervous about the 8am start times as any other part of the job. The work, I can handle. The mornings? We'll see!
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I've started at 8am for most of my career, and it still grits my oyster. Good luck anyway!

My aforementioned plans settled onto a weekend this month, so - assuming another unwholesome spike doesn't dissuade me from public life - I'm looking forward to the 4th.

(also, I haven't had fresh oysters in ages, dangit)
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Added myself as a maybe... I'd really like to, but there's about a zillion things that might make it not possible.
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