Hey NYC: Wanna walk Broadway?
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Many years ago I joined a group of MeFites to walk the length of Broadway in Manhattan. Wouldn't it be fun to do that again? I was thinking November 6 (Saturday) assuming the weather cooperates.
We could start just over the bridge at the Marble Hill - 225th Street subway stop and finish up at Battery Park.
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I might be game for all or part of that trek! I love wandering around Manhattan. I'm not sure I can do Saturday yet, but possibly Sunday. What did you have in mind?
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I only just noticed this in the Metatalk sidebar this morning.

I'd be game for doing this some weekend. (Considering how exhausting the previous Broadway-walks were for me pre-pandemic when I was a commuter and getting at least the minimal exercise of walking to & from trains, getting lunch, doing errands, as compared to my currently way more sedentary WFH existence, I don't know if I'll make it all the way to Battery Park, might make the 33rd St PATH station my end goal so I don't have to double back afterwards.)
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