Portland, persevering on a patio
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It’s been ages, we survived the heat, things are open, let’s hang out.
edited this back to Proposed so we can coordinate a bit better :)
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This is my birthday! But I moved to Chicago last fall. 😔Glad you guys survived the hellpocalypse though, you earned a few beers.
posted by Two unicycles and some duct tape at 10:41 AM on July 2, 2021

I'm interested, but it turns out I've got plans that weekend so I couldn't make it unless the date changes.
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Hey so! We’ve mostly got maybes for this and I forgot the jazz fest was this weekend. Let’s postpone until we’ve some more definites and try again in a couple of weeks :)
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Sounds good to me.

I'm still trying to remember the names of people I happy-houred with every week for over two years before lockdown. It's taking some adjustment start to socialize in person.
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Just now seeing this (kinda got out of the habit of looking at IRL!). I'm potentially interested depending on date and location.

Actually, one great spot I've recently found... the Chill n Fill on North Lombard has expanded dramatically during the pandemic, and has tons of tables - some are outside, many are near large open garage doors. Usually no food, but lots of taps and you can bring in your own food.
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