Masks possibly optional
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I was rereading this thread this evening and remembered how valuable this community is and thought it might be time to propose a PDX meetup. Tell me about a time MeFites reached out and helped you.
I've been fully vaccinated and although I've lost my vaccination card somewhere on my desk I still have a photo of it.

If we plan something outside we should be OK.

What do you think? Suggestions encouraged!
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I've been thinking about this too. I'm vax'd and I'm pretty comfortable without a mask + indoors at this point, so I'm down for whatever. Ideas:

* Cathedral Park is big enough that there's generally room to gather and spread out if consensus is that it needs to be very-outdoors, and there are a lot of good take-out options nearby AND some dine-in places if a smaller group wanted to split off for that at some point. Downside is that while there is transit, it's a long haul for most folks. Columbia Park/Columbia Annex are also decent choices in that part of town.

* I could host if it's a small-ish gathering (can host 10 pretty well, getting up past 15 might be kinda crowded)

* There are a lot of bar/pub patios open now, just need to decide on a part of town.
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Hmmm. It seems that this is not the time.
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Is there a way to geotag this that didn't work? I have IRL alerts on and didn't get one for this one. I'm interested in a future meetup, vaxxed, and in SE PDX!
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It's been a while since I created an IRL post, but IIRC "Proposed" meetups don't get geotagged until a specific address is entered by the poster and the status is set to "Confirmed" (or whatever it is). Although now that I've written that out I'm less certain of it...
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curious nu is on it!
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