Best 2021 Seattle International Space Station Transit Evar
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Fri May 28 at 9:47 PM, Outside looking up
400 Broad St, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
Spot the Station
My profound apologies for the last minute entry but I only just checked for the first time in days and wow, what a surprise!

Here are the details:

Date: Fri May 28, 9:47 PM

Visible: 7 min

Max Height: 89°

Appears: 10° above WNW
Disappears: 9° above ESE

As 90% is straight up, this is good as it gets.

The station fades into view and then just sails across the sky lickety split in grand silence. In binoculars it present a glowing line. You are looking at seven people travellng at 17,600 miles per hour in a construction of habitat and solar panels presenting a surface area of a football field, if I recall correctly.
I, myself never get tired of watching this.

If it is clear...
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Well, I nodded off, dreamt about it and then shot up awake in time to stumble out to see it. It was not disappointing. And it took far longer to fade out than to fade in: yet another mystery.
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