Summer Hangs
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Hi everyone, Just wondering who would be interested in a meetup sometime before the season turns. We could have a (safe*) BBQ at my place or do an online meetup, I'm up for whatever. *If we do decided to go full IRL, we can figure out some agreed-upon safety measures in the thread.
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I'm down for either IRL or online...preferably a safe IRL option because like many of us, I'm kind of past peak Zoom.
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I'm kind of past peak Zoom

Yes, well said.

Socially Distant BBQ definitely seems to be the go-to option for COVID-conscious IRL types these days; how does that sound to everybody?

We can definitely use my place, that's all good by me. I know that angiep has mentioned a few times that she'd be keen to host, but the last time we talked about that was pre-COVID; obviously circumstances are, uh, a little different now. So I'll leave it to her to chime in on that.
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Yeah, I was thinking about an indoor event with snacks and beverages, and I'd still like to do that--someday. In the immediate future I'm going to bow out of all socializing cuz I'm going hard on my dissertation. Apart from family obligations, I'm not going anywhere or doing anything until my diss is submitted and defended. I kind of regret holding myself to that because there's a lot going on in the MeFi community I'd love to chat about.

But I'll be with you in spirit!
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Aw, totally understandable but very sorry we'll miss you. Agreed, so much to talk about. Hope the dissertation is going well!
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