Japan Online Meetup NUMBER THREE!!!
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Sun April 26 at 8:00 PM
Hey all. I don't know if you noticed this, but we're in uncharted territory here. If you look at the sidebar, it has a list of "most active cities" for meetups, and we're essentially in second place (a couple cities have had four, sure), and if we have another meetup this Sunday, boom, we'll be one of the most active cities/amorphous regional groupings in all of Metafilterland! Can't you just feel those competitive juices flowing, urging you on to meet once again on Sunday night at 8 for some light chat, witty observations, and hilarious jokes? Edit: changed time to 8, longer explanation in the comments
I can set up the zoom thing again, and will mail invites out to anyone in the going or maybe fields. We managed about seven people last week, which was nice. I figure if we're going to do these things regularly, it might be nice to have a theme of some sort, something to get things going, and honestly, all I've got is jokes.

Like, terrible jokes. Not offensive, just really, painfully unfunny jokes, the best kind! Please think up a terrible joke to share when we meet on Sunday, and from there, we can just sort of go wherever it takes us.

I'd like to extend the invitation to Mefites around the world, as well, just on the off chance they're awake and up for meeting at 8pm Japan time on Sunday, but I'm not really sure how. I imagine posting in MeTa would get us more people than we could probably handle, and there's also a part of me that thinks 6-8 people is just about the upper limit for Zoom anyway. What do you folks think?
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For some reason this still didn't trigger a notice for me, even though I usually get automated notifications for events happening near me. I wonder if maybe people aren't seeing this?
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I didn't get a notice this time for some reason too, fwiw. Sorry I haven't been participating, Sundays at 7 pm is kind of dinnertime-with-family hour for me, but I might hop in sometime in the future so don't give up on me!
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There's no special reason it always has to be at 7pm on Sundays. Personally I'd prefer a later time, and weeknights are fine with me.
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I'll contact the mod-folk about the notifications. Anyone else want to move the start back to, say, 8? I only set it earlier because I'm still sort of teaching junior high, and have an early start on Mondays. I could do weekdays as well, but I'm still sort of liking Sunday evenings.
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So, I used the contact form, and found out that alerts aren't sent to nearby folks in case of an online meetup. I asked if that's a thing they might change, and they said they'll talk it over.

I tried to make a physical meetup, but kept getting errors about not adding the city (though I'd put the address for Tokyo Station in, complete with the city) which might have to do with the recent server work, so for now, it's back to a proposed event, though people were saying 8 works better, so lets try for 8, I guess. I'll memail the zoom invites to everyone tomorrow, so check your mail.
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Be there shortly, got dinner started late. The meeting is up and running, if you want to join in.
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Oof I missed this due to no notifications. If this is a weekly thing then I'll be sure to check next week manually just in case!
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