NM2020: Meetup the Third
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[COVID-19 delay/ reset] Let's do brunch! Parties present at the last meetup agreed* that we should return to The Range in Bernalillo, 10 AM on Saturday, March 21. Let's wait a bit and see how New Mexico fares for the next few weeks. Maybe try again in May?
* I thought I was good, posting this a month out to get it on people's radar, and see if there are any counter-proposals, because I don't want meetups to only happen when those who could attend the last one decide they can meet again.

But then the NM Health Department prohibited gatherings of 100 or more people (Santa Fe New Mexican, March 12, 2020), and some state agencies are preventing gatherings of more than 5 people, so I thought we should probably put 2020 NM Meetup #3 on hold for a while.
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Also, I'll note that Curry Leaf at 6910-C Montgomery Boulevard NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109 was mentioned as a possible April meetup. This would be lunch or later, as they're open for lunch from 11:30 AM TO 2:30 PM, then dinner from 5 PM TO 10 PM.
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March 12, 2020 update: I edited this meetup, changing it from Planned to Proposed, because I don't think we should meet at a restaurant this month. Then again, if others choose to do so, I can re-set the meetup.

Or, we could modify this meetup for a smaller venue, or simply postpone it for a month or two. Thoughts?
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I vote to postpone. Until we have aggressive testing here, it’s impossible to know what our exposure is.

.... and, how is everyone doing with this? Concerns? Needs?
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My focus right now is to help "flatten the curve." That means I'm avoiding in person groups, large and small.

So my vote is to postpone.

That said, it would be great to keep the connection, so I'd be happy to host a virtual meetup.

We can do it using Webex.

A virtual brunch would be great, or since I assume we'll all be at home it might be fun to do a virtual happy hour.
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Silvery Fish, thanks for asking! We're pretty well set. How are you?

SteveInMaine, good idea. Can you host a Webex meeting? Can people call in if they don't have a suitable computer?

I'll ping all central-ish NM folks about this thread, and see if we can support each-other. Also, see if folks want to do some virtual meetings :)
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SteveInMaine I love the virtual brunch! And I am doing my part to flatten the curve as well. Now, maybe if someone could drop off a mimosa for me....

filthy light thief - I am well stocked and currently on house isolation. Seems I managed to cross paths with a confirmed case, which I found out 3 days after getting a very sudden flu, but still before knowing of the connection, plus 3 days before NM would agree to test.... just waiting on the results. They do not know when the results will be available.

Baby steps.
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Sorry - the logic on that last post was off. I haven't been feeling well. I am home and awaiting test results.
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filthy light thief: I 'd be happy to host the webex meetup. Surprisingly, the free version provides a dial in number and allows up to 100 participants. I just need to do a test call to make sure everything works as advertised.

My thought is that if anybody is interested in attending they can post it in the IRL and I'll send them a MeMail with specifics. That way there's a little more control than if I blast out the info.

I'm not sure how IRL works, do we continue using this post, and switch from proposed to planned?

Unless folks want to do it sooner, I think the original day/time works.

Silvery Fish: I sent you a MeMail.
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Original day/time works here.

And as a general update -- I finally got a call last night that my test results are negative. Good news all around -- and an indication that the turnaround time for the tests now is about 24 hours (instead of the 4 days reported at the start of NM testing).

Stay healthy, all!
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New Mexico MeFites: Since we won’t be meeting in person this month, I’m hosting a Webex meeting for anybody interested in staying connected.

It’s scheduled for this Saturday, March 21 at 11 am MDT. You will be able to connect by computer or phone.

Post here if you’d like to be part of our virtual brunch, and I’ll send you the Webex specifics via MeMail on Friday.
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I saw no responses to my last message, so maybe another time.

Stay safe, all!
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Sorry I missed this thread. I would like to participate if we do this later. Thanks.
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