Non-bar Seattle meetup?
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I like the Allegro coffeehouse, the last of the places that let me hang out and meet new (and new old) people in Seattle.
The Allegro is in the U District, near buses and cheap food and right around the corner from a used bookstore. Parking is hard, though, and I can't think of a lot of hangouts that are easy by both car and bus. Maybe the Ravenna Third Place Books? Uh, Ada's on 15th in Capitol Hill?
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Lost Lake comes to mind
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The Junction in West Seattle is easy to bus to and has free parking lots. Lots of places to eat to choose from.
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Allegro sounds great, as does Ada's.
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Helen found a Facebook invitation to a silent book club in the U district that seems like it might be a Mefite kind of thing too. They apparently meet and socialize at a bar or cafe and then sit and quietly read for an hour, after which there is more socializing:
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I’d vote Ada’s since it’s reasonably bussable, and parking isn’t bad if you head east from 15th. Free parking near Lost Lake is quite tough to come by.

Another non-bar alternative would be Top Pot on summit. The 8, 10 and 47 all stop nearby. Free parking is a modest challenge, but not nearly as bad as further south in Capitol Hill.
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I count that as three for Ada's, two for the Allegro, and one for various others. But perhaps it's more relevant to ask -- who's interested in having a non-bar hangout, and what are your constraints?
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