St. Louis area meetup brainstorming
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St. Louis MeFites want to get together, but not on 3 days notice. Let's use this to discuss where and when we might meet up with a little more notice this time.
I would suggest a place but I'm new to the area so I'm probably not the right person to make recommendations.
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The places I know tend to be coffee-centric, so MoKaBe’s or Shameless Grounds. Protagonist Coffee in Soulard just opened up and my partner and I have been itching to check it out.

On the bar side, I’ve heard good things about Urban Chestnut in the Grove, and 2nd Shift Brewing on Sublette was pretty good space-wise. My sister has also recommended Up Down and Start Bar for barcades.
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I've been to Shameless and MoKaBe's, great places although Shameless is small so I think that would depend on our group size. I didn't realize there were more than a couple STL Mefites! I don't mind a bar either.

Anyone been to the aquarium yet? Maybe it's still crazy to visit but I thought I'd throw it out there too.
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Coffee shops or bars work for me, which is why I left it open-ended: I want to hear what others want. Hopefully we do this more than once so we can do both eventually.

If we want to do a kid-friendly outing (we have 2 kids and I think some other STL Mefies have kids) the aquarium seems like a good place to consider.
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I love the Delmar Loop FWIW.
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I love the Loop too! Seoul Taco is there, and that’s all you ever need.
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Delmar loop would be convenient for me but I'll go pretty much anywhere! any new-to-STL people probably gotta get to blueberry hill at some point :)

non-loop thoughts:
- I have fond memories of meeting a few mefites at Tick Tock Tavern when I first moved here
- support for MoKaBe's, urban chestnut, or 2nd shift
- i'm inclined to lean away from the aquarium for now since it's still pretty new/sounds busy
- i don't have kids but would be cool with a kid friendly outing i just can't think of any at the moment
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A few idle thoughts now that I'm back in town and not jet-lagged:

- Seoul Taco is fantastic. So is Corner 17 for hand-pulled noodles and Boba Tea. Three Kings is a great pub to hang out in.
- UCBC has great beer, but I have a hard time keeping up with conversations in their Bierhall when it's crowded. It can get awfully loud/echoey.
- 4 Hands new-ish second story has a bunch of free-to-play classic arcade cabinets and skee-ball and would (I think) make for a nice meetup space
- I live just east of Maplewood, so I'm always down for Bottleworks, Tapped, or Crow's Nest.
- Once Spring hits, Laumeier Sculpture Park is a great place to hike around a bit and have a picnic.
- On the off chance anyone is interested, I'll be hitting up the Subhumans show at Fubar's new Red Flag location on April 9th and the Drive-By Truckers show at the Pageant on April 24th (the latter presumably with notsnot).
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I'm a nights-and-weekends kinda person, what about you all?
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Yeah, mostly nights and weekends for me though if there's a substantial number of people who can actually meet during the workday I can probably make that happen.
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My preference would be nights and weekends too. There have been so many good suggestions so far that I hate to throw out another but I just remembered there's a board game bar/cafe in Soulard that might be a great choice since games are an awesome icebreaker. Has anyone been to Pieces? I saw a nerdy musical duo there a while back. It's small but the food is good and they have tons of games.
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just gonna throw this out there - how bout next weekend? Saturday afternoon, like 2pm? do we need more advance notice than that to get a quorum?
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I've got friends coming in town from Springfield, IL for Dim Sum lunch and shopping on Saturday, but depending on how long the meetup lasts I could probably join up a bit later (and def. don't plan around my schedule!)
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I'm out this weekend (2/1 and 2/8) but don't let that stop you - I can join the next outing.
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eh ok i’ve got a practice that’s come up anyway, let’s do it at a later date!
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