Meetup at WisCon 44
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Hi, Madison! WisCon is a feminist science fiction & fantasy convention held annually in Madison, Wisconsin. It's during U.S. Memorial Day Weekend — May 22-25, 2020. We could meet up! Kind of like last year. Maybe Sunday afternoon at HopCat? That worked last time.
This year's Guests of Honor are Rebecca Roanhorse and Yoon Ha Lee. Registrations start at $55 for adult memberships but single-day rates are also available. Many informative links at the IRL pages for 2018 and 2016.

In case you'd like to skim some guidance to reassure first-time participants, Alexandra Erin posted "So, you want to go to WisCon?" and "So You Want To Go To WisCon, Part II: Expectations". There's usually a first-timers' dinner (small group expeditions to local restaurants, I think), and orientation sessions, early in the con, to help first-time attendees and first-time panelists (tips) and first-time moderators (tips). If you feel better showing up someplace for the first time if you're being useful, you can volunteer for a few hours.

I am again the comedy auctioneer for the Otherwise Award Auction (formerly Tiptree Auction) on Saturday night.
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Unfortunately, I'm out of town that weekend for a wedding. Have fun, wherever you end up!
posted by rocketman at 8:28 AM on January 8

Sounds fun! We normally have company that weekend (close friends who are becoming Wiscon regulars) so my schedule will depend in part on theirs, but if I'm not busy hosting at the time, I'll be there.
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