WisCon 44
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Fri May 22 at 8:00 PM
WisCon is a feminist science fiction & fantasy convention held annually in Madison, Wisconsin. It's during U.S. Memorial Day Weekend — May 22-25, 2020. Last year we met up; this year the con is online so let's consider meeting up in the live chat?
This year's Guests of Honor are Rebecca Roanhorse and Yoon Ha Lee (although the latter is unable to attend). Registrations start at $0. A registration lets you participate in the live chat.

The convention will have a single track of programming including discussion panels (with live text captioning for accessibility), a dance party, a vid party, games, readings, and an art show. I am again the comedy auctioneer for the Otherwise Award Auction (formerly Tiptree Auction) on Saturday night.
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Unfortunately, I'm out of town that weekend for a wedding. Have fun, wherever you end up!
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Sounds fun! We normally have company that weekend (close friends who are becoming Wiscon regulars) so my schedule will depend in part on theirs, but if I'm not busy hosting at the time, I'll be there.
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BTW there's a financial aid fund for requests up to USD$500 in case you would like to attend but need help with lodging, travel, food, care costs, anything financial that would help you attend. Also, childcare is provided and costs $1 per child.
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Hmm... this looks fun, relatively affordable, and easy driving distance from home. I'm here as a maybe if it can fit into the current austerity budget.
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Flannery Culp, that would be cool! I should mention: if there is ANY question of affordability, please do feel free to apply to the assistance fund, and if you are a bit shy to do that, you can MeMail me and I can make a nomination on your behalf.
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Now that WisCon will be online, I hope more MeFites can drop in for a bit. To quote the registration page,
While WisCon is known for having an intensely multi-track schedule relative to its size, given both the technical challenges of shifting to an entirely new format, and the challenges of coordinating across the many timezones where our members are located, we currently plan to run a single track of programming, with panels of a slightly shorter length. The number of panels per day is still TBD, but we hope to have some at times that are convenient for members around the world.

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I've always kind of wanted to attend Wiscon.... I guess this is my chance!
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bq: they closed registration yesterday but I saw in an email: "if someone missed the registration deadline, they can email registration@wiscon.net to find out if it's possible to register late".
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If you are at the con, please wave at me (brainwane Sumana) in the Discord chat, maybe in the lobby-con channel!
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