Last minute trip to NYC. last minute meet-up!
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Fri January 3 at 7:00 PM, Dutch Kills Bar
27-24 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
I am celebrating my new job by escaping the smoke and jetting across the world to NYC on NYE. Any NY mefites want to hang with me and my friend Taff on 1/2 or 1/3? (Check out my American style dates!)
We’ll be at Dutch Kills Bar for drinks from 7 - but we’re free and easy, and flexible so let us know if you want to meet earlier.
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Where are you staying? Friday would be better for me, though I imagine that decreases the chances of finding a quiet bar (but maybe "somewhere nice" increases the odds of relative calm?).
posted by hoyland at 4:25 AM on December 30, 2019

I would! Which borough?
posted by ferret branca at 7:58 AM on December 30, 2019

Queens! But we can subway.
posted by taff at 3:06 PM on December 30, 2019

I <3 Dutch Kills bar in LIC. Could suggest Manhattan things too.
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Just got off my hellflight. Dutch Kills bar on Friday evening is sounding like a solid suggestion. Yes?
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Works for me! I should warn you that it could get a bit crowded, it's not a huge bar, but we can try to find something else nearby if there's an issue? I can also think of more spacious bars if it seems like there'll be a crowd.
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That'll work for me too, though I have a terrible track record of showing up to meetups. LIC is at least as convenient for me as many Manhattan locations.
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Ok! I have updated the post with the plans! Looking forward to meeting you guys! Let me know if we need to change anything.
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I can get there earlier (6:15-30 maybe?) and see if I can grab a table, and if not, I can update y'all. I don't want to stay at work any longer than I have to!
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I'll be down the road at the Cliffs beforehand, I think, so can be summoned early to help hold down a table or whatever.
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I... kind of didn't leave the office, so I'll endeavor to be early as well.
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I’m hanging outside (don’t mind, the weather is nice). They said when one or two more people show up they can probably seat us.
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We are here!
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Uh....are you still standing outside? I am the person in jeans and a black coat who isn't talking to the person outside the bar.
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Sorry, we are inside, please come in if you join us, we’re at the farthest back Tahoe in the first room.
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That was so much fun! Thanks for inviting us out, misfish and taff!
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I cannot commend your company highly enough. How delightful you all are! I apologise for the hugging thing. I know you’re all super cool New York people but you’re individually and collectively so awesome I was overcome.

Wonderful bar. Great food. Bloody marvelous people. Couldn’t ask for a better IRL.

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You're the best, taff!
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I had a really nice time. Thank you for suggesting a meetup.
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It really was lovely to meet you all. Thank you for coming out! I had an utterly delightful evening.
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