Trivia with a side of Onion Rings
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Tue November 19 at 8:00 PM, George & Dragon Pub
206 N 36th St, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
Emerge from your non-trivia funk to show the world what the hive mind can achieve when it can be bothered to focus on meatspace. Sentient onion rings will assist.
Note: We are a welcoming gathering - if you have not attended before and are tempted by this witty posting, please come join us.
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Out of town for this one, but I look forward to the next
posted by Cogito at 12:25 AM on November 17, 2019

posted by clew at 10:12 AM on November 17, 2019

Odds are poor; I'm having dinner with a friend in LQA. If that ends in time, I'll swing by as a mid-game ringer :)
posted by ChrisR at 6:37 AM on November 19, 2019

cgc373 - I’m up for a possible 2 person team if you are. If not, let me know and we can defer until next week.
posted by skyscraper at 1:27 PM on November 19, 2019

Sounds good to me. ONION RINGS!
posted by cgc373 at 1:52 PM on November 19, 2019

SENTIENT onion rings.
posted by skyscraper at 2:07 PM on November 19, 2019

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