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Fri December 6 at 7:00 PM, Eaton Centre -- Time Out Food Court
705 Rue Sainte-Catherine O, Montréal, QC H3B 4G5, Canada (Map & Directions)
I'm new to Montreal and don't know a soul here. I thought it would be nice to connect with some fellow Me-Fites.
Since I don't know the city at all, I'm leaving it up to somebody here to propose a good venue. All I ask is that it is easy to access via the Metro. (I'd prefer not to have to figure out buses if I'm heading to a new part of the city.)

As for dates, I'm also really flexible. The only days that are out for me are November 20 to 24.

I guess I should mention my French is pretty non-existent, if that matters, but I'd still really like to meet some new people, and if it means speaking French, I'll do my best (although I'm sure I'll give you plenty to laugh about).
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Don’t worry about French—the MeFites I’ve met here are all English-speaking, which makes sense given that MeFi runs in English.

Any preferences about venue? Maybe we can find you somewhere that’s up your alley.
posted by vasi at 3:11 AM on November 7, 2019

A past meeting took place at Dieu du Ciel! on 29 Avenue Laurier West. Very easy access from the Laurier subway stop, and a good place too. :-)

Welcome to Montreal!
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Ohhh, I would really love to attend this! I also just moved to Montreal in September. However, I'm out of town until Dec. 3. If you meet before that, I'll come next time. Welcome to Montreal, sardonyx! :)
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I'd be in, though I dislike Dieu du Ciel. Would you want an alcohol-type place, coffee, food?
posted by jeather at 9:37 AM on November 7, 2019

Welcome. :)

Indeed, chime in with the type of place you might prefer.

I'll make it if I'm in town, which I will be most of the month.
posted by veggieboy at 12:34 PM on November 7, 2019

I haven't been active on MeFi in quite a while but get updates for meetups and had a great time attending one in Toronto when I lived there. If the timing works out, I'd love to be there too.
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First, I'm glad I got at least a few responses. I was sort of afraid nobody would reply or would want to get together.

Second, I'm happy to learn I'm not the only newcomer. You and I must have moved around the same time, oulipian.

Third, I think my top requirement for a place would be somewhere quiet and relaxed enough we can carry on a conversation without shouting. Beyond that, for a get-together like this, I think we should pick a place where there is a decent selection of food and/or drinks so that people can get what they like. I think whether we head more toward a restaurant or a bar or a coffee house depends on the time of day when we decide to get together.

Fourth, I figure we may as well pick a date that suits the maximum number of people. It looks like oulipian isn't available until early December, but what about you, veggieboy? You mention you're good for most of this month, but what about the early part of next month? I guess if we can't pick a date that works for everybody, we can plan for two get togethers--one in November and one in December.

Fifth, thanks to everybody for being so friendly. As I said, I know nobody here, and it would be great to meet all of you. I'm a bit limited in my Internet access (I can't get an installer to come by for another week or so), but I do try to check in, even briefly, on a regular basis, and I do pay attention to my MeMail inbox, so feel free to reach out.

As an aside, I was considering going to that Cavalia Christmas display at some point this season--I'm trying to make an effort to get out and see some of the sights of the city. (Feel free to chime in with some suggestions.) If somebody else is interested, it might be nice to have some company.
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I'll be in town 11-19/12-1. I'm going to the live orchestra Harry Potter movie the 22nd but other than that I'm free.
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I don't post on Metafilter much but I spend a lot of time reading it. I'd love to come out as well, and could provide some venue suggestions too. one spot that comes immediately to mind is Cafe Resonance in Mile End- it's big and fairly quiet (unless there's live jazz) and has some beers on tap, apparently cocktails though I haven't tried, good coffee and food (which is vegan but this omnivore still likes it).
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Realistically I am not interested in going somewhere more than 5 minutes walk from a metro on a weeknight. I'm free most weeknights except Nov 28, and busy during the next 5 Saturday days but could probably meet some Sat evening or Sundays.
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I prefer near public transportation too
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Sadly, it doesn't look like there are dates when everybody posting here is going to be in town, so I'm just going to put a couple of dates out there and let everybody weigh in. The date (or dates) with the most support are the winners.

Since nobody has expressed a preference for a day of the week, I'm just going to go ahead and say let's make it a Friday at 7:00 PM (or 7:30 PM). If we don't want to do it this week (I'd be up for it, but I know people like to have some time to plan things), then I'd suggest either November 29 or December 6. If somebody is able to find a date other than one of those that works for everybody (or works for a greater number of people), then I'm in support of that.

I too, don't have too much of a desire to wander too far away from a Metro stop, but I really don't know where to suggest for a get together. The floor is open for suggestions.

Since my goal in suggesting this is to meet people, I want to say everybody is welcome from prolific poster to quiet lurker. If you know other Montreal-based MeFites who haven't read this post, point them in our direction.
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Either of those dates work for me! Resonance is nice, but will probably have live music on a Friday night—but honestly I’m not sure what satisfies all of near-metro / quiet-on-Friday-night /has-drinks / has-food.
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Here's a vote for Dec. 6.
posted by veggieboy at 8:12 AM on November 13, 2019

Either date works for me. I don't really have brilliant ideas for where to go. There's that new "fancy local restaurants go slightly cheaper + alcohol" thing at the Eaton Centre, which will open this week so who knows what it is like, but has the bonus of being attached to a metro.
posted by jeather at 8:31 AM on November 13, 2019

It looks like I'll be staying until the 6th and I'd prefer a quieter place too

where do locals like to go for Lebanese, Moroccan, francophone African/Caribbean?
posted by brujita at 8:14 PM on November 13, 2019

I'm just throwing these out as possibilities
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It sounds like December 6 is looking like the preference, at least for now.

As for a location, I don't know anything about it, but the Eaton Centre thing sounds interesting. Resonance also sounds promising. Is there a way we can find out about the music situation? (I'm still on limited Internet access, so if somebody could help me out with that.)

Somebody I know mentioned heading to Crescent Street and finding a lot of options, including The Brass Door. Is that too far? Would it work?

What about the old Montreal Forum? I think there's a sports bar or something there (although I don't know what the food options are).

As I said, I don't know the city at all. I need to leave it up to everybody else to pick a place. Would it make it easier if we said 6:00 or 6:30? I'm guessing bands won't have started playing then.
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Good thinking, brujita. Here's my recs:

* Lebanese/Syrian: Boustan for cheap shwarma, student ambiance; KazaMaza or Petit Alep for mid-range; Damas for very expensive but worth it
* Moroccan: La Khaima and Coin Berbère are both vaguely Moroccan? Might be technically elsewhere in the maghreb, both quite good.
* Here, "francophone Caribbean" almost always means "Haitian". Kwizinn is very good, currently in a bit of a construction zone, but that just means there's always seating. Hope it survives. Only two blocks from Beaubien metro, I'd go here if others are interested.


* I'd try the new food court, it's a bit odd but could be interesting!
* Crescent street on a Friday night is a bit too...drunk tourists/students for my sake?
* Resonance's website shows an experimental jazz concert Dec 6 at 9pm, with a cover charge.
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other ethnic is ok too
posted by brujita at 11:36 AM on November 16, 2019

This is not at all the same sort of food but I have had successful meet ups at Juliette & Chocolat. Okay but not great for meals, good for sweets and sweets with alcohol.
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Well since we have three people saying they're up for trying the new food court, let's go with that.

Is 7:00 okay or should we make it earlier? Say 6:00 PM or 6:30?
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I've never done this before. Does anybody know if I can move this from the proposed category to the scheduled one? Or do I have to make a new post?
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sardonyx, the IRL FAQ says "When details are finalized, you can switch your meetup over to Confirmed and it will show up as a Future or Upcoming event." I'm not sure precisely how to do that as I haven't done it before, but no, you don't have to create a new post.

I should be able to make it on Dec 6!
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Cool. I think the food court thing will at least be worth trying. Lots of food/drink options for people, transit-accessible and fairly central, all good things.
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Okay, I've set it for confirmed and think I got all of the details correct. Please correct me if I didn't.

Are we okay with the time or should we make it earlier?
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I think the time is good. FWIW, I think the last Montreal Metafilter meetup was at a similar time.
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I hope to make it. Do we need a mustering point? I haven’t been to Time Out yet so I can’t suggest one...
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Jode has a point. The first time we were supposed to have a Mefi meetup in Montreal was at the old Île Noire on Ontario. It was long enough ago that people still smoked in bars. I went in and circulated around, trying to discern which (if any) table was the one. Turned out none was – no one but me had showed up.
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I'm probably heading there for dinner today so I'll see what it looks like and report back.
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when I've called meetups where I don't know anyone irl I describe what I'm wearing
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It's a very giant food court with a bunch of tables, and then another one in the bar section, I'm not sure there is a clear meeting point.
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First person to arrive buys and displays a plate of beans.
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Want to meet in front of the bar section?
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Dang! Can’t make it. Forgot I have a gig Friday. If anyone wants to drop by and say hey, I play at Dièse Onze every Wednesday from 6:30-8:30. Love to see you. Have fun at Time Out.
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It'll be the exact 30th anniversary of a very grim incident.
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I don't know if there are any Montreal residents who haven't responded here (except for Jade Dragon, who I MeMailed without a response) but feel free to pass the word along to anybody else you know.

Sorry we're going to miss you Jode. Hope you have a good set or two.
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ID key: I'll be wearing a navy coat with a two-toned blue pashmina scarf and either a green tam/beret or a brown fur-trimmed hat.
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I will be wearing a sweater with blue and white stripes, plus jeans. I may also have the presence of mind to print a piece of paper with "MetaFilter" on it.

Edit: I also look basically like my profile photo, albeit with glasses.
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I'll be there tonight! I have a brown winter coat and look like this. :)
posted by oulipian at 8:58 AM on December 6, 2019

I'm wearing a burgundy cowl neck top and navy pants
posted by brujita at 3:29 PM on December 6, 2019

I have already arrived.

It is quite busy, we will probably need to incrementally stake out a table.

I’m right outside of the bar area facing the elevators.

Black leather jacket, black bag and boots- pale sickly pallor and shoulder length brown hair.
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I am wearing a grey sweater with black butterflies on it and red cuffs and I have a backpack with the Toy Story aliens on them. I'll be there in about fifteen minutes.
posted by jeather at 3:50 PM on December 6, 2019

On the metro arriving shortly.
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It was great to meet everybody tonight. Thanks for coming out. I know we hit a bit of a snag with the table and restaurant situation, but I think it worked out for the best as we ended up in a place that was quiet enough to talk.

It would be lovely to do this again in the new year. If people want to start thinking about suitable locations or dates that would be helpful. I doubt I'll be more informed in a few weeks than I am now when it comes to suitable places to meet.
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Where did you end up going?
posted by zadcat at 5:42 AM on December 7, 2019

a juliette &chocolat
posted by brujita at 8:30 AM on December 7, 2019

lovely to meet you all!
posted by brujita at 12:13 PM on December 7, 2019

Let me reiterate my invitation. We can have a mini-meetup any Wednesday from 18:30 at Dièse Onze on St Denis. I am there every Wednesday and would be delighted to have a Mefite to chat with between sets. We play a Gypsy-jazz inspired repertoire. Memail me or just turn up. No cover.
posted by Jode at 11:23 AM on December 8, 2019

I think we were talking about getting together again in the new year (as people are starting to get busy now). Your bar offer is definitely a possibility. Thanks.
posted by sardonyx at 2:16 PM on December 8, 2019

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