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Hey everyone! So nubs and I just had a chance run-in, which prompted us to discuss options for another meetup; we're more or less due for one, hey? Anyways - how's about we go out to a trivia night sometime? Seems like a pretty MeFite-friendly kind of activity, judging by the IRL activity in other cities. I recently went to the one at Broken City, and that was a ton of fun; but I'm sure there are others around town. Anyone have any thoughts?
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Would love to join you. I've had some changes at work (all good) that mean I'm a little more available. I used to be pretty good at trivia back in the Olden Days (I remember when Trivial Pursuit was first released), but I'm prepared to be humbled by YYC MeFites.
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Would love to do this. No idea on which places have good trivia nights. Totally prepared to have my ignorance exposed.
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Yeah, I have no idea either. But Broken City was definitely fun, and it's fairly central as well. Their trivia night is every Tuesday - any dates in particular that would be preferable to folks? My Tuesdays are pretty clear for the foreseeable future.
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