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Thu December 12 at 7:00 PM, Cat and Fiddle Pub
540 16 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2M 0J4, Canada (Map & Directions)
Trivia at Cat and Fiddle! This is our first trivia hang as a MeFi IRL posse, but I suspect it is gonna be a hoot. Seattle and Portland seem to do IRL trivia events all the time, so Calgary might as well put ourselves on the map as far as that's concerned. Trivia allegedly starts at 7:30pm; let's plan for a 7pm(ish) meetup! As always, this thread is available on the Day Of, if you're the first person to arrive or if are trying to find the rest of us :)
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Would love to join you. I've had some changes at work (all good) that mean I'm a little more available. I used to be pretty good at trivia back in the Olden Days (I remember when Trivial Pursuit was first released), but I'm prepared to be humbled by YYC MeFites.
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Would love to do this. No idea on which places have good trivia nights. Totally prepared to have my ignorance exposed.
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Yeah, I have no idea either. But Broken City was definitely fun, and it's fairly central as well. Their trivia night is every Tuesday - any dates in particular that would be preferable to folks? My Tuesdays are pretty clear for the foreseeable future.
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Looks like we've gotten about as much activity as we're gonna get on this thread for now... do you guys wanna go ahead an confirm a date? I can attest that a 3-piece MeFi IRL hang is just fine, if that's all this comes to.

As for my availability, I can do pretty much any Tuesday for the next little while, so just lemme know!
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Yeah, I was there for the last 3-person meetup and it was a great time.

I'm no good next Tuesday, but after that looks pretty good. I would suggest early December if we want to do it this year; the further we get into December, the harder it is to get out as Christmas & holiday stuff starts ramping up.
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Good call; how about Dec 3?
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Check that - just stumbled upon this Reddit thread - looks like there are a few good options.

Any preferences for date/venue based on this?
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Mondays & Wednesdays are booked up for me until mid month (kendo lessons), and my Fridays tend to be either/or - either I have something going on, or I don't, in which case I'm happy to be a couch potato and go to bed stupid early. So that kind of leaves Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for me.

Quite open to trying any of these - if memory serves, we're all North Calgary, so maybe trying the Cat & Fiddle or the Oak Tree?
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I'm into both those options! Let me give the Oak Tree and quick buzz and see when their next trivia date is (sounds like it's a monthly thing over there). I'm a big fan of the Oak Tree and would happily head there anytime :)
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On further consideration - why don't we just go with the Cat and Fiddle? I haven't been in ages so going back would be fun. They also have more dates to work with, which is nice.

Thursdays are better than Tuesdays for me, but I can still make a Tuesday work with enough lead time.

Given that folks get busier and busier as Xmas approaches, it sounds like the dates we basically have to work with are Dec 3, 5, 10 and 12. I vote the 12th, but can make any of those dates work :)
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12th works for me!
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I'm intrigued; 12th at the Cat & Fiddle works for me.
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Cool; I'll confirm it up for that date for the time being. angiep, lemme know if another one of those dates works better for ya!
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PS: I've listed 7pm as the start time for now, let me know if that works!
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(trivia appears to start at 7:30pm)
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Is this the 12th or 28th? The link above shows the 28th. I could probably make either, although would prefer the 12th.
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Oops! My mistake. Thanks for catching that. Have corrected it to the 12th!
posted by CarrotAdventure at 10:01 AM on November 22, 2019

See you on the 12th!
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Actually this works well since I have the 13th off and can stay up a bit late :D
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So....turns out one my kids Christmas concerts is Thursday night, not Wednesday night; I'm not sure if I'll make this. If I do, I'll be late.
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Oh, too bad! I'm certainly not averse to looking at a last-minute reschedule as a potential option. But maybe that's overcomplicating things at this point. Any alternate date that might work better?
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Manifest Destiny's Child is rooting for you from Seattle. Go forth and represent us!
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False alarm on my end apparently - while there is a Winter concert tomorrow night, it does not involve my son as his class did the Remembrance Day performance.

I can't keep my own life straight, so I figure that bodes I'll for trivia, but it'll be fun!
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Oh That's excellent news! Back at full strength!
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More like adding an additional burden :)
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As far as I know, you're the only Learned League member in the crew. Trivia chops aside, we've now got plenty of street cred.
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Membership doesn't imply success
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Looks like I might have a pair of guests in tow - we have a new housemate and we could use a fun icebreaker, so I figured what the heck. I've asked her and my other upstairs neighbour if they might fancy some trivia. They seem interested, but we're still finalizing plans. Hope that's ok!
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Cancel that; flying solo tonight after all. See you all in a bit!
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I'm on the way now, see you all soonish!
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Sorry peeps, we can't make it. If you want to say hi, I will be at the Highwood Christmas craft sale Friday night and all day Saturday. Just look for the purple pony :)
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No trivia tonight apparently. We're against the wall to your right as you come in, you don't need cover if we're not on the half with the live bands.
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Our inability to determine that it wasn’t a trivia night might speak to our trivia ability.
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Thanks for a great evening, everyone!
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Super fun! Great seeing everyone again!
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