Phoenix Meetup - Mid March
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Is anyone down in the land o'sun that I left 11 years ago? I'm not seeing Phoenix as up in the most active in the last 3 months, and that makes me sad.
I'm coming down 3/15 - 3/22 and wouldn't mind having a beer with the tanned Mefites of AZ. Dates that are bad for me - St. Paddys (Flogging Molly in Tempe) and 3/19 (Giants tickets). 3/16, 18, 20 and 21 might be great!

I have no idea of the scene, cool places to eat/drink, etc, so I'm wide open to suggestions.

As an aside, I'm still in the process of getting spring training tickets, if anyone wants to spend an afternoon with me at a ballpark, let me know. (I'm a fairly normal guy, really!) My friends in the valley will be working most of the time I'm there, so I'm kind of on my own.
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Off the top of my head - Four Peaks / Los dos Gringos? Granted, they're the only places that I'm fairly certain are still there.
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Sad, I'll be in NYC visiting family.
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I'm interested, doubly plus if it is near the rail line. Four Peaks is still wonderful and it should be fairly un-crowded as your visit coincides with ASU's spring break.


The bf likes the food at the new Luck Strike Lanes though I haven't visited myself.

Looks like the Heard museum is having an event that Friday (3/18) night.
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I'm game for anywhere. One way or another I 'should' have access to a vehicle. I'm not familiar with the rail line routing as the funding for it was to be voted on right after I moved.
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I suppose this shows why Phoenix is not in the most active in last 3 months :)
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I'd turn up, if you're cool with socially-awkward shy people :\

I'll cast a vote for Four Peaks, but either place suggested by khedron would be fine with me, too.
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emu, are there other kinds of people than that on mefi?
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So, is this happening?
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I might be able to come, please let me know if anyone is planning to meet up.
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