Eugene Oregon area?
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I can't be the only one who often can't make it up to the Portland events. Who else lives in Eugene, Corvallis, the central coast, maybe Salem? It might be really hard to find a winery or brewery here, but we'll manage.
I'm putting Eugene as the location but really open to wherever the most people are.
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Oooo, yes! A Winery!
I’m closer to Eugene, but your whole area sounds great.
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I was about to chime in enthusiastically and then go tell my wife someone wanted to do a Eugene meetup ... then I saw the username and realized my wife is the someone who wanted to do a Eugene meetup.

So, um, yeah sweetie - count me in
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I'm in Eugene and up for meeting up, since the only MF meetup I've ever been to was in Cleveland and I was just visting.
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I live in Salem, so Eugene is a trip, but I might be able to make it happen.
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I live in Creswell and work in Eugene. I'd love a nearby meet!
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I'm in Eugene!
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I'm in Eugene as well!
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I, too, reside in Eugene!
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